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Prof Krishnan Venkataraman

Professor Biochemical Research Methods, Biochemistry and Mol... View Profile

Dr Jayaprakash N S

Associate Professor Immunotechnology and Microbiology: Developing mono... View Profile

Dr Ayesha Noor

Associate Professor Natural Products/Medicinal Plants, Metabolic Disor... View Profile

Dr Kamalanathan Shivasankaran

Assistant Professor Biochemistry, Proteins and Proteomics, Bio-chromat... View Profile

Dr Priyankar Sen

Assistant Professor Protein expression, purification and characterizat... View Profile

Dr Varatharajan Sabareesh

Assistant Professor Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry of various types of... View Profile

Dr Kali Kishore Reddy Tetala Tetala

Assistant Professor Polymer Chemistry, Analytical chemistry, and spect... View Profile

Dr Sanjit Kumar

Assistant Professor Structural bilogist... View Profile