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Dr Amitava Mukherjee

Professor Nanoscience and technology... View Profile

Dr Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Professor Nanobioscience Nanobiotechnology... View Profile

Dr Seenivasan Ramasubbu

Professor Marine Nanobiotechnology... View Profile

Prof A Nirmala Grace

Professor Advanced Nanomaterials; Design and Fabrication of ... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Satija

Associate Professor Nanobiosensor, Bioassay, Immobilization and Conjug... View Profile

Dr Vimala Raghavan

Associate Professor Biotechnology; Nanobiotechnology; Nano based senso... View Profile

Dr Ashutosh Mahajan

Associate Professor Modeling and Simulation of Nanoelectronic Devices... View Profile

Dr Velmurugan Venugopal

Associate Professor Nano materials and Fabrication, modelling and simu... View Profile

Dr Kannadassan Dhanaraj

Associate Professor Microelectronics, Microwave Theory and Techniques,... View Profile

Dr Raja Sellappan

Associate Professor Solar energy conversion, Solar fuels, Solar cells,... View Profile

Dr Mrudula Pulimi

Associate Professor Bioremediation, Nanoremediation... View Profile

Dr Krishnamoorthi Chintagumpala

Associate Professor Development of wearable physical sensors for vital... View Profile

Dr Niroj Kumar Sahu

Associate Professor Magnetic a and Oxides Nanomaterials for Biomedicin... View Profile

Dr Mangaiyarkarasi R

Assistant Professor Nanomedicine, nano-based targeted drug delivery ap... View Profile

Dr Penchalaiah Palla

Assistant Professor Modelling, simulation and fabrication of Graphene(... View Profile

Dr Sakthi Swarrup J J

Assistant Professor Smart materials, MEMS, Biomimetic design, Lithogra... View Profile

Dr John Thomas

Assistant Professor Aquaculture, Marine science, fresh water biology, ... View Profile

Dr Swati G

Assistant Professor Material Science and Engineering, Nanomaterials ... View Profile

Dr Sathyanarayanan Punniyakoti

Assistant Professor Nanostructure synthesis, characterization and appl... View Profile