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Dr Ezhil Vizhi R

Director Crystal Growth, Nanomagnetic Materials, Nanocompos... View Profile

Dr Rushi Kumar B

Professor Engineering; Materials Science; Physics and Astron... View Profile

Dr Sasikumar S

Professor Biomedical Materials; Drug Delivery Systems; Compo... View Profile

Prof Senthilnathan Krishnamoorthy

Professor Modeling Photonic Devices; Nonlinear Fiber Optics;... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesh Kumar M S

Professor Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling, Atmospheric... View Profile

Dr Sathiyanarayanan Kulathu Iyer

Professor Fluorescence, Photo physical studies, synthetic or... View Profile

Dr Prabhakaran Deivasigamani

Professor Solid-State Optical Ion-Sensors, Porous Monolithic... View Profile

Dr Sumathi Shanmugam

Associate Professor Biomaterials, Photocatalytic materials, Pigments a... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha D Dhanaraj

Associate Professor Environmental Analytical Chemistry- Nano carbon ma... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kanth Kamlekar

Associate Professor Bioactive Lipid Synthesis and Biophysical Studies,... View Profile

Dr Karpagam Subramanian

Associate Professor Synthesis of Fluorescent Active Donor-Acceptor Con... View Profile

Dr Rajendran Paramasivam

Associate Professor Statistics... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar Sellappan

Associate Professor Electroanalytical Chemistry, Chemicals Sensors, Bi... View Profile

Dr Indira Viswambharan Asharani

Associate Professor Synthesis of metal/metal oxide nanoparticles by ch... View Profile

Dr Palanivel Kaliyaperumal

Associate Professor Operations Research - Fuzzy Optimization Technique... View Profile

Dr Venkata Satyanarayana Panyam

Associate Professor MHD, Nanofluid flows, CFD... View Profile

Dr Venkateswarlu B

Associate Professor Operations research, fuzzy set theory, ... View Profile

Dr Rajasekhara Reddy Sabbasani

Associate Professor Societal importance by employing my major areas of... View Profile

Dr Lakshminarayana Pallavarapu

Associate Professor Fluid dynamics, Peristaltic transport, Heat and Ma... View Profile

Dr Jitendra Kumar

Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics, Statistics and Statistica... View Profile

Dr Jianping Hu

Associate Professor NMR instrumentation, magnetometry, quantum chemist... View Profile

Dr Cheralathan Kanakkampalayam Krishnan

Associate Professor Zeolites, Mesoporous Materials, Carbon, Biomass Co... View Profile

Dr Shiva Shankar Murugesh

Associate Professor • Block copolymers and dendrimers for drug deliv... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Chandrasekaran

Associate Professor Nuclear and Radiation Physics... View Profile

Dr Ashok Kumar S K

Associate Professor Chemical Sensors, supramolecular chemistry, Inorga... View Profile

Dr Yamuna Manimuthu

Associate Professor In graph theory an applying graph theory to divers... View Profile

Dr Dhritiman Gupta

Associate Professor Organic Polymer based Optoelectronic Devices... View Profile

Dr Madhvesh Pathak

Associate Professor Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry: Metallo-Organic Com... View Profile

Dr Thirumanavelan Gandhi

Associate Professor organometallic and synthetic organic chemistry... View Profile

Dr Vijayalakshmi Uthirapathy

Associate Professor Sol-gel based Nano ceramics coatings was developed... View Profile

Dr Kannadasan Sathananthan

Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Natural Products Synt... View Profile

Dr Uma Kaliappan

Associate Professor Complex Analysis , Geometric function theory... View Profile

Dr Khadar Babu

Associate Professor Time series analysis, Distribution theory, Statist... View Profile

Dr Napoleon Ayyakannu Arumugam

Associate Professor synthesis of various functionalised heterocyclic c... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Mohan Thamankar

Associate Professor Surface Science, Magnetism in low dimensions, Spin... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Sen Gupta

Associate Professor Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Nonequilibrium S... View Profile

Dr Akella Venkata Suryanarayana Murty Murty

Associate Professor Algebra, Topology... View Profile

Dr Arun Murthy

Associate Professor Hydrogen evolution reaction, water splitting, mate... View Profile

Dr Manju S L

Associate Professor synthesis of various functionalised heterocycle sc... View Profile

Dr G. Mokesh Rayalu

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Statistics... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesh Sure

Assistant Professor High-entropy Materials (Alloys and Ceramics) from ... View Profile

Dr Jagatheswari S

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Lattice Theory in Image processing... View Profile

Dr Nageshwar Rao Ragi

Assistant Professor Numerical and Computational Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Bhatt

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bluff body aerodynam... View Profile

Dr Saravanarajan M C

Assistant Professor Queuing Theory ... View Profile

Dr Anisha Thomas

Assistant Professor peptide chemistry, supramolecular self-assembly, b... View Profile

Dr Subramanyam Reddy Anala

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics-Heat and Mass Transfer-MHD- Nanoflu... View Profile

Dr Thenmozhi K

Assistant Professor Electrochemical sensors, Fluourescent sensors and ... View Profile

Dr Jayalakshmi Mohan

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Optimization... View Profile

Dr Barnali Maiti

Assistant Professor Organocatalyst design, small molecule synthesis, g... View Profile

Dr Krishna Chandar Nagamuthu Raja

Assistant Professor Nanoscience and Technology, Topological Insulators... View Profile

Dr Kishor Padala

Assistant Professor C-H activation, methodology, Asymmetric synthesis... View Profile

Dr Samir Ranjan Meher Meher

Assistant Professor Thin Film Based Opto-Electronics and Sensors... View Profile

Dr Prakash Mani

Assistant Professor Stability, Bifurcation and Control Theory.... View Profile

Dr Shibesh Kumar Jas Pacif

Assistant Professor Cosmology, Relativity, Gravitation: Dark energy Mo... View Profile

Dr Roy Santiago

Assistant Professor Packing Coloring - Graph Coloring... View Profile

Dr Veera Venkata Ramesh E

Assistant Professor Nano-Catalysis and Organic Synthesis – Developme... View Profile

Dr Kalaivani Kamalakkannan

Assistant Professor Summability theory ... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesh Kumar K

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, Boundary layer theory and Applied ... View Profile

Dr Manimaran A

Assistant Professor Algebra, Cryptography, Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets... View Profile

Dr Monica C

Assistant Professor Mathematics Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Econ... View Profile

Dr Ezhilmaran Devarasan

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Amrit Das

Assistant Professor Fuzzy optimization, Transportation problem, Disast... View Profile

Dr Ummal Momeen M

Assistant Professor Atomic physics, magnetometry, optical microscopy... View Profile

Dr Arup Sinha

Assistant Professor Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallics an... View Profile

Dr Akhila Maheswari Mohan

Assistant Professor Chemosensors, Materials chemistry, Analytical and ... View Profile

Dr Susanta Kumar Bhunia

Assistant Professor Materials Science... View Profile

Dr Rajasekar Parasuraman

Assistant Professor Thermoelectric Materials, Functional oxide materia... View Profile

Dr Madhu Venkatraman

Assistant Professor Potential Theory, Functional Graph Theory, Harmoni... View Profile

Dr Poornima Tamalapakula

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Dhanapal

Assistant Professor Operations Research, Fuzzy Optimization... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar Devaraj

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Metric Fixed Point ... View Profile

Dr Thilagavathi Kothandabani

Assistant Professor Complex Analysis , Geometric function theory... View Profile

Dr Sumangala T P

Assistant Professor EMI shielding, chemical sensing, nanocomposites, m... View Profile

Dr Mellacheruvu Naga Srinivasu

Assistant Professor Mathematical modelling, Mathematical biology... View Profile

Dr Sai Saraswathi Vijayaraghavalu

Assistant Professor Environmental Science, Biodiversity Conservation, ... View Profile

Dr Ramu Geddavalasa

Assistant Professor Approach problems with mathematical solutions. mat... View Profile

Dr Mausumi Goswami

Assistant Professor Microwave Spectroscopy, Reaction Kinetics, Dynamic... View Profile

Dr Sunanda Saha

Assistant Professor Water wave mechanics, Mathematical modeling of car... View Profile

Dr Tamizharasi Renganathan

Assistant Professor Applied mathematics, Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Ankush Chanda

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis, Topology, Real Analysis... View Profile

Dr Murali R

Assistant Professor Bose-Einstein Condensation, Laser cooling, Nonline... View Profile

Dr Eithiraj R D

Assistant Professor Computational Material Science ... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Das

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Pallavi Mishra

Assistant Professor development and implementation of the algorithms f... View Profile

Dr Venkataramana Bhimavarapu

Assistant Professor Network Reliability, Reliability Optimization, Dat... View Profile

Dr Sivaraj Ramachandran

Assistant Professor Non-Newtonian fluids, MHD, heat transfer, and poro... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan Latha

Assistant Professor Bioremediation using biopolymers, chitosan, learni... View Profile

Dr Rachna Bhatia

Assistant Professor Numerical Solution of PDEs... View Profile

Dr Balaji S

Assistant Professor Operator Theory, Functional Analysis, Applied Line... View Profile

Mr Rajesh Moharana

Assistant Professor Information measures, Entropy and its generalized ... View Profile

Dr Senthur Pandi Rajasabai

Assistant Professor Magnetic Materials and Shape Memory Alloys... View Profile

Dr Rajasekaran G

Assistant Professor Graphs and Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Raja Das

Assistant Professor Artificial Neural Network, Multi-objective Optimiz... View Profile

Dr Deepa G

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Set Theory in applications of Computer Scien... View Profile

Dr Sujasree M

Assistant Professor Graph theory, Decomposition of graphs using graph ... View Profile

Dr Kamini Mishra

Assistant Professor Non-linear optics, Second-harmonic light scatterin... View Profile

Dr Manjari Sidharth

Assistant Professor Approximation Theory... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar Mohanty

Assistant Professor PDE... View Profile

Dr Chandru M

Assistant Professor Numerical analysis, Singularly perturbed problems... View Profile

Dr Umakanta Mishra

Assistant Professor Sustainable Supply Chain, Inventory, Optimization ... View Profile

Dr Kuvar Satya Singh

Assistant Professor Mathematical modeling and simulations, data assimi... View Profile

Dr Peri Kameswara Kameswaran

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass... View Profile

Dr Anusha P T

Assistant Professor Nonlinear optics, Ultrafast optics and spectroscop... View Profile

Dr Vandrangi Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor Experimental condensed matter Physics, Magnetic ph... View Profile

Dr Shobana M K

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Saroj

Assistant Professor Doctoral research work is related to Applied Mathe... View Profile

Dr Reganti Hemadri Reddy

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics- Peristaltic Transport.... View Profile

Dr Madeswaran Saminathan

Assistant Professor Growth and characterization of ferroelectric and R... View Profile

Dr Praveen Thomas

Assistant Professor Handling asymptotic techniques to solve strongly n... View Profile

Dr Niranjan Hari

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics, Boundary-Layer theory, Nanofluids... View Profile

Dr Rajeshkumar Mohanraman

Assistant Professor Thermoelectric, 2D material, energy storage... View Profile

Dr Debaroti Das

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Thirumoorthy Krishnan

Assistant Professor Computational Chemistry calculations on molecules ... View Profile

Dr Charles Beromeo Bheeter

Assistant Professor Supramolecular Catalysis, Homogeneous Catalysis, H... View Profile

Dr Parvez Alam

Assistant Professor Differential Equations, Theoretical Seismology, El... View Profile

Dr Gowsalya M

Assistant Professor Stochastic processes and its applications... View Profile

Dr Amit Sharma

Assistant Professor Algebraic Coding Theory: Codes over rings, Constru... View Profile

Dr Suseem S R

Assistant Professor Formulation and evaluation of pharmaceuticals dosa... View Profile

Dr Tapas Ghatak

Assistant Professor Organometallic chemistry and catalysis... View Profile

Dr Shobana Devi N

Assistant Professor Fractional difference equation, Fluid Dynamics (ge... View Profile

Dr Vasu Kuraganti

Assistant Professor Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials an... View Profile

Dr Leema Rose Viannie

Assistant Professor Thin film sensors, MEMS microsensors and actuators... View Profile

Dr Raghavendar K

Assistant Professor Special functions, Geometric function theory, Orth... View Profile

Dr Sharief Basha Shaik

Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Fuzzy Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Purusotham Singamsetty

Assistant Professor Combinatorial optimization, Network optimization, ... View Profile

Dr Nandhini Sivasubramaniam

Assistant Professor Queuing Theory, Statistics, Graph theory, Networki... View Profile

Dr Udhayakumar Ramalingam

Assistant Professor Differential Equations with Control Theory and Hom... View Profile

Dr Yogalakshmi T

Assistant Professor Topology, Topological Graph Theory, Fuzzy Topology... View Profile

Dr Prasad Theeda

Assistant Professor Computed Tomography, Compressive Sensing, Frame Th... View Profile

Dr Sri Rama Vara Prasad Bhuvanagiri

Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Differential Equations, Opti... View Profile

Dr Vijaya Kumar A G

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Clement J

Assistant Professor Chemical Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Reenu Rani

Assistant Professor Mathematical modeling, Dynamical system, Populatio... View Profile

Dr Aruna K

Assistant Professor Numerical analysis, Differential equations, Fracti... View Profile

Dr Mubashir Unnissa Munavar

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Anil Annadi

Assistant Professor Oxide electronics, Transparent Conductors.... View Profile

Dr Akkiraju Naga Satya Srinivas

Assistant Professor Bio-Fluid Mechanics, Peristaltic Transport and def... View Profile

Dr Binu Sahayam

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Uma Mahendra Kumar Koppolu

Assistant Professor Electronic and molecular structure from X ray abso... View Profile

Dr Gowrisankar Arulprakash

Assistant Professor Fractal Analysis... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Kumar S

Assistant Professor Numerical Analysis, Delay Differential Equations, ... View Profile

Dr Kavitha K

Assistant Professor Operations Research- Sensitivity Analysis in Alloc... View Profile

Dr Karthika K

Assistant Professor Graph theory... View Profile

Dr Priyankar Paira

Assistant Professor Medicinal chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic ... View Profile

Dr Subrata Dutta

Assistant Professor Disease oriented organic small molecule design and... View Profile

Dr Vijayanand Chandrasekaran

Assistant Professor Spectroscopy, Chemical kinetics and dynamics, astr... View Profile

Dr Mohana Roopan S

Assistant Professor Green Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Nanomater... View Profile

Dr Chandan Maity

Assistant Professor Application of organic chemistry. Smart (Supramole... View Profile

Dr Satish Kumar Govindaswamy

Assistant Professor Catalysis... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Babu Sundaram

Assistant Professor Nanocatalysis, Water splitting, Organic transforma... View Profile

Dr Sathish Kumar Panneer Selvam

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials, Ultrasound, Photocatalysis and envi... View Profile

Dr Tamas Kumar Panda

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Porous material, Crystallogra... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Narayan Mishra

Assistant Professor Integral Equations, Integro-differential Equations... View Profile

Dr Ankur Rastogi

Assistant Professor Interface physics of functional materials, photo-c... View Profile

Dr Kaspar S

Assistant Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Mr Murugan Varadhan

Assistant Professor Graph Thoery and Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Amit Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor Surfactant, Colloidal Chemistry, Fluorescence Spec... View Profile

Dr Padigepati Naveen

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics; Non-Newtonian Microp... View Profile

Dr Sovan Roy

Assistant Professor Organic and inorganic synthesis, characterization ... View Profile

Dr Madhumitha G

Assistant Professor Natural products, Green synthesis, and Nanomateria... View Profile

Dr Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Assistant Professor Integrated quantum photonics, two dimensional mate... View Profile

Dr Sridhar S

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, Poly... View Profile

Dr Arcot Kavitha

Assistant Professor Fluid Dynamics-Peristaltic Transport... View Profile

Dr Prabhujit Mohapatra

Assistant Professor Soft Computing Techniques, Evolutionary Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Nalliah M

Assistant Professor Graph coloring and graph labeling... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar Velusamy

Assistant Professor Differential Equations with Control Theory... View Profile

Dr Veeramani Selvarajan

Assistant Professor Functional Analysis and Operator Theory... View Profile

Dr Kalpana Priya D Dhakshnamoorthy

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Statistics, Operational Research and Fuzzy M... View Profile

Dr Balakrishnan Subramanian

Assistant Professor Quantum Computation, Quantum Information Theory an... View Profile

Dr Abdul Hameed

Professor Neural network... View Profile

Dr Indhira K

Professor Algebra, Queueing theory... View Profile

Dr Ramasubramanian Velayudham

Professor Nuclear and Medical physics... View Profile

Dr Badal Kumar Mandal

Professor Chemistry.... View Profile

Dr Rajan Chattamvalli

Professor Algorithm design, machine learning, combinatorics,... View Profile

Dr Phaneendra T

Professor Nonlinear Analysis... View Profile

Dr Sarveswari S

Professor organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, sensors, o... View Profile

Dr Natarajan Govindaraj

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Rajan Babu Dhanakotti

Professor i) Synthesis of Nonlinear optical materials and g... View Profile

Dr Murugusundaramoorthy Gangadharan

Professor Geometric Function theory... View Profile

Dr Vijaya Kaliappan

Professor Complex Analysis , Geometric function theory... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan Kanagasabai

Professor All Engineering mathematics, Discrete Mathematics,... View Profile

Dr Padma Ramanathan

Professor Number theory and cryptography... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan Sambantham

Professor Corrosion, Electroplating, Electroless plating, Co... View Profile

Dr Thamizharasi Tamizhmani Tamizhmani

Professor Complex Analysis and Integrable systems... View Profile

Dr Sheela Angappan

Professor Bioinorganic and Medicinal chemistry involving ant... View Profile

Dr Gopalakrishna Gadiyar

Professor Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Number theor... View Profile

Dr Rajagopalan Vijayaraghavan

Professor Advanced Materials for Energy and Environment Rele... View Profile

Dr Sathya Swaroop

Professor Surface Modification of Materials, Laser Shock Pee... View Profile

Dr Anjaneyulu G S G N

Professor Algebra, Graph Theory, Cryptography and Network Se... View Profile

Dr Mary Saral Antoney Raj

Professor Analysis of plant components... View Profile

Dr Sriraghavan Kamaraj

Professor Synthetic organic chemistry and Drug discovery... View Profile

Dr Gargi Chakraborty Chakraborty

Professor Control problems and Robust control problems in an... View Profile

Dr Nawaz Khan Fazlurrahman

Professor organic synthesis and methodologies employing envi... View Profile

Dr Desikan Rajagopal

Professor Synthetic organic, medicinal chemistry, drug deliv... View Profile

Dr Buvaneswari Gopal

Professor Materials for catalysis, photocatalysis, inorganic... View Profile

Dr Ruban Kumar A

Professor Materials Science for the last 22 years and curren... View Profile

Dr Vallampati Ramachandra Prasad

Professor Applied Mathematics, Fluid Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Babu Padmanabhan

Professor Nonlinear fiber optics, photonics, plasmonic senso... View Profile

Dr Anand Prabu Arun

Professor Ferroelectric Polymers, Polymer Electronics, Elect... View Profile

Dr Nallasamy Palanisami

Professor Main Group and Transition Metal Organometallic Che... View Profile

Dr Pundlik Bhagat

Professor Design and Fabrication of Bronsted Acid Functionli... View Profile

Dr James Jebaseelan Samuel E Emmanuel Rajan

Professor NANO particles and GEL DOSIMETRY.... View Profile

Dr Akella Sivaramakrishna

Professor Synthetic organometallic chemistry, Synthesis and ... View Profile

Dr Selvakumar R

Professor Theory of Computation, Coding Theory, Cryptography... View Profile