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Dr Madhumathi Anbu

Professor Sustainable Architecture... View Profile

Prof Michael Karassowitsch

Professor Architecture. spirituality, the latter focused on ... View Profile

Dr Jaffer Aa Khan

Director Architecture and Built Environment... View Profile

Mr Dinesh Raghavan E S

Associate Professor Architecture, Digital architecture, Parametrics, E... View Profile

Ms Meenakshi Pappu

Associate Professor An architect who is involved in total revitalizing... View Profile

Mr Sandeep Kota

Associate Professor Building Energy Simulation; Day-lighting Simulatio... View Profile


Associate Professor Architecture and Urban Composition... View Profile

Dr Sharmila Jagadisan

Associate Professor Architect and Urban Planner... View Profile

Dr Jayprakash Chadchan

Associate Professor Sustainable Urban Design and Development, Smart Gr... View Profile

Mr Mohafiz Riyaz

Assistant Professor Architectural Design and environmental design... View Profile

Mr Bhaskar Borgohain

Assistant Professor Artist, Architecture... View Profile

Mr Jayadev Nallari

Assistant Professor Landscape and Urbanism... View Profile

Ms Shreya Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Neo Classical Architecture and Traditional Urbanis... View Profile

Ms Dipika M

Assistant Professor Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Environ... View Profile

Mr Hareesh Haridasan

Assistant Professor Cultural Heritage Management, Conservation... View Profile

Mrs Vidhu Bansal

Assistant Professor Urban Studies, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Patte... View Profile

Mr Sunny Bansal

Assistant Professor Infrastructure Design and Management; Transportati... View Profile