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Prof Siva Ramamoorthy FLS, FRSB, FRSC

Professor Plant Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Bhaskara Rao K V

Professor bioactive compounds from marine microorganisms inc... View Profile

Dr Pragasam Viswanathan

Professor Renal Physiology and pathology. Thrust areas of re... View Profile

Dr Anbalagan Moorthy

Professor Developing novel drugs to treat Cancer and immune ... View Profile

Dr Kannabiran Krishnan

Professor Actinomycetes diversity, extraction and identifica... View Profile

Dr Rajasekaran Chandrasekaran

Professor Eco-Plant-Physiology, Conservation Biodiversity an... View Profile

Dr Radha Saraswathy Saraswathy

Professor Medical Genetics, Environmental Genotoxicology... View Profile

Dr Trupti Patel

Professor Cancer Diagnostics, Biomarker Discovery, Natural P... View Profile

Dr Sridharan Thalaivarisai Balasundaram

Professor Human Male Infertility, Molecular Entomology, Scan... View Profile

Dr Jayaraman G

Professor Purification and characterisation of proteins and ... View Profile

Dr Asit Ranjan Ghosh Ghosh

Professor Gut health: infection, diagnosis, and control. Gas... View Profile

Dr Gunasekaran Soosaiah

Professor Experimental diabetics, pancreatic islet translati... View Profile

Prof Anand Anbarasu

Professor Anti-microbial resistance in human pathogenic micr... View Profile

Dr Kavitha Thirumurugan

Professor Lifespan extension using drosophila. Obesity work ... View Profile

Dr Tamizhselvi Ramasamy

Professor Inflammation, cancer biology... View Profile

Dr Alka Mehta

Professor Molecular Biology Genetic engineering... View Profile

Dr Samanta Sekhar Khora

Professor Seafood Hygiene, natural products and stem cell bi... View Profile

Dr Anilkumar Gopinathan

Professor Physiology and molecular endocrinology of inverteb... View Profile

Dr Manjubala I

Professor Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Nanomaterials, R... View Profile

Prof Abul Kalam Azad Mandal

Professor Health benefits of tea polyphenols against various... View Profile

Dr Gothandam K M

Professor Plant Functional Genomics, Plant and Microbial met... View Profile

Dr Ramanathan K

Professor Drug Disocvery... View Profile

Dr Rajasekaran Ramalingam

Professor Computational Biology and Bioinformatics ... View Profile

Dr Suresh P K

Professor drug development and delivery systems... View Profile

Dr Shanthi Chittibabu

Professor Protein purification/ protein based biomaterials... View Profile

Dr Padma Thiagarajan

Professor Biotechnology, Biomaterials... View Profile

Dr Mahaboobkhan Rasool

Professor Immunology... View Profile

Dr Jayanthi Abraham

Professor Microbial Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Debasish Mishra

Associate Professor Tissue engineering-hard tissues, blood vessels, an... View Profile

Dr Venkatraman M

Associate Professor Cancer Biology, Screening, Inflammation, Toxicolog... View Profile

Dr Vino Sundararajan

Associate Professor Immunopharmacology, Immunoinformatics, Rhuematolog... View Profile

Dr Sabina Evan Prince

Associate Professor Pharmacology and Toxicology... View Profile

Dr Jayanthi S

Associate Professor Brief area of expertise is in computational drug d... View Profile

Dr Subathra Devi C

Associate Professor Clot buster enzymes, actinokinases, nattokinase an... View Profile

Dr Mohanasrinivasan V

Associate Professor Industrial Enzymes and Proteins... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Pathy Manian

Associate Professor Biocatalyst and human infertility... View Profile

Dr Arnold Emerson Isaac

Associate Professor Bioinformatics... View Profile

Dr Sudha Ramaiah Sudha Ramaiah

Associate Professor Computational Biology, Gene network analysis, Stru... View Profile

Dr Sudandira Doss Chinnappan

Associate Professor Biotechnology and Computational Biology... View Profile

Dr Asha Devi S Selvaraj

Associate Professor Male infertility, Cancer biology, Diabetes.... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Arumugam

Associate Professor Pharmacology... View Profile

Dr Venkat Kumar Shanmugam

Associate Professor Natural products and Bioprocessing... View Profile

Dr George Priya Doss C

Associate Professor Bioinformatics, Genomic Variation, Antimicrobial R... View Profile

Dr Everette Nelson

Associate Professor Blood and Vascular Biology; Immunodeficiency; Gene... View Profile

Dr Priti Talwar

Associate Professor Metabolomics, Systems Biology... View Profile

Dr Jayasri Mangalm Achuthananda Iyer

Associate Professor Marine natural products... View Profile

Dr Subhashree Venugopal

Associate Professor Microbial pathogenicity, Bioremediation... View Profile

Dr Suthindhiran Krishnamurthy

Associate Professor Magnetotactic bacteria; Actinomycetes; waste manag... View Profile

Dr Anand Prem Rajan

Associate Professor Geo Microbiology, Conservation Biology, Hydrometal... View Profile

Dr Kalaivani T

Associate Professor Biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology ... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha Subramanian

Associate Professor Intergrated Nanobiotechnology for Water Treatment ... View Profile

Dr Mythili S

Associate Professor Environmental bio technology... View Profile

Dr Godwin J Christopher

Associate Professor fish genetics and recently interested in Actinomyc... View Profile

Dr Shanthi V

Associate Professor Drug Discovery... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan Sivashanmugam

Associate Professor Biology... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Nachimuthu

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Antibiotic Resistance, and Bacteriophage Therapy... View Profile

Dr Danie Kingsley J

Assistant Professor Pharmacognosy, Green Synthesis, Nanotechnology... View Profile

Dr Reena Rajkumari Baskaran

Assistant Professor Clinical Microbiology and Immunology... View Profile

Dr Murugan Kavitha

Assistant Professor Microbial products... View Profile

Dr Satarupa Banerjee

Assistant Professor Translational Cancer Biology, Cancer Informatics... View Profile

Dr Mohana Priya Arumugam

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, Systems Biology... View Profile

Dr Sajitha Lulu S

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Computational Bio... View Profile

Dr Devi Rajeswari Vijayarangan

Assistant Professor Molecular biology, Cell biology, Nano medicine, Di... View Profile

Dr Balaji Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor Gene therapy, viral vectors for gene therapy, endo... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Srivastava

Assistant Professor Nanobiotechnology, nanotoxicology, biochemical ana... View Profile

Dr Raja Sudhakaran

Assistant Professor Aquatic Pathology... View Profile

Dr Nalini E

Assistant Professor Bacteria and human cell to cell communication... View Profile

Dr Rajiniraja Muniyan

Assistant Professor Medical Biotechnology, Natural product research an... View Profile

Dr Koteswaraiah Podili

Assistant Professor Role of antioxidants in diabetes and obesity, Adva... View Profile

Dr Jabez Osborne Osborne

Assistant Professor Bioremediation of toxic compounds... View Profile

Dr Gayathri Mahalingam

Assistant Professor Pharmacology and toxicology of medicinal plants, I... View Profile