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Dr Mahesh Ganesapillai

Professor Applied Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Anand V P Gurumoorthy

Professor Modeling and simulation, Fuels, Energy... View Profile

Dr Shishir Kumar Behera

Professor Process integration for resource recovery; Novel s... View Profile

Prof Muruganandam L

Dean Specialized in design of Liquid-solid circulating ... View Profile

Dr Shankar Raman Dhanushkodi

Associate Professor Fuel cell, Degradation, Electrolyzer, DeNOx and Li... View Profile

Dr Nirmala G S

Associate Professor Circulating Fluidized bed. Waste to energy and Sep... View Profile

Dr Sivagami K

Associate Professor Advanced oxidation processes, Thermo chemical conv... View Profile

Dr Monash Purushothaman

Associate Professor Membrane Technology (Ceramic membrane fabrication,... View Profile

Dr Babu Ponnusami A

Associate Professor Waste water treatment - Advanced Oxidation Process... View Profile

Dr Velu Sagadevan

Associate Professor Performance of polymer membranes; a mixed matrix m... View Profile

Dr Chitra Devarajulu

Associate Professor Waste water treatment, Mixing in Agitated vessel, ... View Profile

Dr Aruna Singh Singh

Associate Professor Chemical Engineering, Food Science and Technology.... View Profile

Dr Dharmendra Kumar Bal

Assistant Professor Microfluidics, drug delivery systems and enhanced ... View Profile

Dr Aabid Hussain Shaik

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering and materials science... View Profile

Dr Samarshi Chakraborty

Assistant Professor heat transfer, metal quenching, polymer nanocompos... View Profile

Dr Mohammed Rehaan Chandan

Assistant Professor Polymeric foams - stability and structure property... View Profile

Dr Karthika Shanmugam

Assistant Professor Industrial Crystallization Technology, Process Mod... View Profile

Dr Rima Biswas

Assistant Professor Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Calculations... View Profile

Dr Bandaru Kiran

Assistant Professor Energy Integration, Process Design, Retrofitting, ... View Profile

Dr Aslam Abdullah

Assistant Professor Petroleum Engineering (Pollution Abatement Technol... View Profile