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Dr Jagadeesh P

Professor Hydrodynamics Hydrology Concrete Technology Constr... View Profile

Dr Porchelvan Ponnusamy

Professor Environmental Hydrogelogy, Remote sensing and GIS... View Profile

Dr Chandrasekaran S S

Professor Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Santhi A S

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Jayaprakash Jaganathan

Professor repair and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete s... View Profile

Dr Pavan Kumar Kummamuru

Professor Water Resources Engineering... View Profile

Dr Mohan Ganesh Gopal

Professor Structural Engineering, Concrete... View Profile

Dr Amit Mahindrakar

Professor Solid Waste Management... View Profile

Dr Sekar Saya Kannappan

Professor Structural Engineering- Building Materials- Heath ... View Profile

Dr Brijesh Nair

Professor Environmental Engineering... View Profile

Dr Meena Thiruvadi

Associate Professor Self Compacting Concrete, Fibre reinforced Concret... View Profile

Dr Shanmuga Priya T

Associate Professor Innovative and Recyclable construction Materials, ... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Das

Associate Professor Water and wastewater treatment, solid waste manage... View Profile

Dr Abdul Rahim A

Associate Professor Behavior of concrete and concrete structures expos... View Profile

Dr Saravana Kumar Manickam Puratchiveeran

Associate Professor Water and Wastewater Treatment... View Profile

Dr Muthukumar Mayakrishnan

Associate Professor Ground improvement techniques, Expansive soils, gr... View Profile

Dr Vasantha Kumar S

Associate Professor Interest includes traffic engineering, intelligent... View Profile

Dr Thirumalini Selvaraj

Associate Professor Science and Technology of Heritage Materials, Lime... View Profile

Dr Sasanka Bhushan Pulipati

Associate Professor Transportation Engineering, Transportation plannin... View Profile

Dr Sofi Androse Joseph

Associate Professor Structural Engineering, Reinforced concrete struct... View Profile

Dr Dillip Kumar Barik

Associate Professor Water Resources Development and mangement, Surface... View Profile

Dr Uma Shankar M

Associate Professor Geoenvironmental Engineering, Groundwater Modellin... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumar N

Associate Professor Bridge, Heritage and Offshore structures... View Profile

Dr Viswanathan Sambamurthy

Associate Professor Specialization in structural enggineering, Concret... View Profile

Dr Parimala Renganayaki Sundaram

Associate Professor Groundwater Hydrology... View Profile

Ms Suganya O M

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering, research area on high stre... View Profile

Dr Goutham Sarang

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Mr John Sushil Packiaraj

Assistant Professor Digital Initiative in ACE industry... View Profile

Dr Prasanna Venkatesan Ramani

Assistant Professor Construction Technology and Management... View Profile

Mr Parthiban Loganathan

Assistant Professor Climate Modelling... View Profile

Dr Divya Priya Balasubramani

Assistant Professor Geomatics, Geotechnics... View Profile

Mr Hareesh Muthuraj

Assistant Professor Cold-formed steel structures... View Profile

Dr Mahenthiran Sathiamoorthy

Assistant Professor Surface and Groundwater Interaction, Geochemical a... View Profile

Dr Vignesh Rajkumar Lakshmanan

Assistant Professor Water Resources, Climate Change Assessment, Hydrol... View Profile

Mr Visuvasam J

Assistant Professor Earthquake geotechnical engineering; Soil structur... View Profile

Dr Punitha Kumar Akhas

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering... View Profile

Dr Bala Murugan S

Assistant Professor Concrete Technology, Construction Technology and M... View Profile