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Dr Arunkumar Thangavelu

Professor IoT, Data analytics, Machine learning... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Ramakrishnan

Professor MANET, Cryptography, Network Security... View Profile

Dr Margret Anouncia S

Professor Knowledge Engineering, Digital Image Processing an... View Profile

Dr Vasantha W B Kandasamy

Professor Coding theory, Fuzzy theory, Algebra, Social and I... View Profile

Dr Lakshmanan Kuppusamy

Professor Formal Language, Automata Theory... View Profile

Dr Saleem Durai M A

Professor Computer Science Artificial Intelligence- IoT-Data... View Profile

Dr Kannan Arputharaj

Professor AI, DBMS and Network Security... View Profile

Dr Debi Acharjya

Professor Computational Intelligence, Soft Computing, Rough ... View Profile

Dr Kalyanaraman P

Professor Modeling, Elearning, healthcare, distributed syste... View Profile

Dr Madhu Viswanatham V

Professor Information Security... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Babu Kalivaradhan

Professor Planning for and implementing effective Teaching a... View Profile

Dr Santhi Vaithiyanathan

Professor Image Processing ... View Profile

Dr Jaisankar Natarajan

Professor Computer Networks, Cyber security, Machine learnin... View Profile

Dr Syed Ibrahim S P

Professor S.P. Syed Ibrahim has received his Bachelors, Mast... View Profile

Dr Don S

Associate Professor Pattern Recognition, Topic Modeling, Medical Imagi... View Profile

Dr Dheeba J

Associate Professor Biomedical Image processing, Machine learning... View Profile

Dr Santhi Krishnan

Associate Professor datamining, NLP, Big data Analytics, Aspect orient... View Profile

Dr Anto S

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Expert ... View Profile

Dr Rajakumar Krishnan

Associate Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Sharmila Banu Kather

Associate Professor Chatbots and NLP Systems, Rough Sets and Neighbour... View Profile

Dr Swathi Jamjala Narayanan

Associate Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Optimization Techni... View Profile

Dr Balakrishnan Ponnuraman

Associate Professor Multi-sensor data fusion to understand the context... View Profile

Dr Parveen Sultana H

Associate Professor Wireless communication, IoT, Network Communication... View Profile

Dr Balamurugan R

Associate Professor computational areas covering data mining, meta-heu... View Profile

Dr Agastyaraju Nagaraja Rao

Associate Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Boominathan Perumal

Associate Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Optimization Techni... View Profile

Dr Saravanaguru R A K

Associate Professor Context-aware middleware, INVANET, web services, s... View Profile

Dr Ramanathan L

Associate Professor Data Mining, Database Systems, Software Engineerin... View Profile

Dr Amutha Prabakar Muniyandi

Associate Professor Cryptography and Cyber security with the applicati... View Profile

Dr Anthoniraj A

Associate Professor Semantic Web, Deep Learning, and Language Modellin... View Profile

Dr Anand Mahendran

Associate Professor Formal Language, Automata Theory, Bio-inspired com... View Profile

Dr Kakelli Anil Kumar

Associate Professor wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things (IoT)... View Profile

Dr Govinda Kannayaram

Associate Professor Cloud Computing, IOT and Smart Grid... View Profile

Dr Vimala Devi K Rajendren

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Cloud Compuimg ... View Profile

Dr Anisha M Lal

Associate Professor Image Processing, Remote Sensing, Bio-medical, Sof... View Profile

Dr Swarnalatha P

Associate Professor Image Processing, Soft Computing, Software Enginee... View Profile

Dr Vairamuthu S

Associate Professor IoT for precision agriculture and under water comm... View Profile

Dr Sureshkumar Nagarajan

Associate Professor Image processing, Big Data Analytics... View Profile

Dr Ananda Kumar Subramanian

Associate Professor Computer Science Theory and Methods... View Profile

Dr Sanjiban Sekhar Roy

Associate Professor Deep Learning and advanced machine learning. ... View Profile

Dr Sendhil K S

Associate Professor Cloud Computing, Operating System, IoT... View Profile

Dr Sathyaraj R

Associate Professor Software Engineering with data mining. ... View Profile

Dr Gopinath M P

Associate Professor Computer Science Artificial Intelligence, Computer... View Profile

Dr Gayathri P

Associate Professor Computer Science and information systems... View Profile

Dr Navamani T M

Associate Professor Data Sciences, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Security ... View Profile

Dr Abdul Gaffar H

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Inter... View Profile

Dr Santhi H

Associate Professor IoT, Mobile Network Security, Big Data, Machine Le... View Profile

Dr Srimathi Chandrasekaran

Associate Professor IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics... View Profile

Dr Natarajan Palaniappan

Associate Professor Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Mobile... View Profile

Dr Mythili Thirunanam

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Digital Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Murali Subramanian

Associate Professor Computer science and artificial intelligence, inte... View Profile

Dr Sathiya Kumar C

Associate Professor Image Processing, Data Science, Networks, Deep Lea... View Profile

Dr Manjula R

Associate Professor Software engineering... View Profile

Dr Arunkumar Gurunathan

Associate Professor Compute Science... View Profile

Dr Narayanan Prasanth

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Parallel and Distributed Comput... View Profile

Dr Manikandan K

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Sensor Networks, Operating Syst... View Profile

Dr Vijaya Kumar Kuppusamy

Associate Professor C, C++ Programming Languages. Operating System, In... View Profile

Dr Balasubramanian Velusamy

Associate Professor Web Systems, Web services... View Profile

Dr Uma Devi K S

Associate Professor Wireless and Network Security, Cloud Computing, In... View Profile

Dr Lavanya K

Associate Professor Interested in Computational Intelligence based rea... View Profile

Dr Annapurna Jonnalagadda

Associate Professor Game theory, Machine learning, Artificial Intellig... View Profile

Dr Jayakumar Kaliappan

Associate Professor Good in finding optimal features and optimal solut... View Profile

Dr Vijayarajan V

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar Rajasekaran

Associate Professor Data Analytics, Data Visualization... View Profile

Dr Balasubramanian Chandra Mohan

Associate Professor Networks, Data mining, Swarm Intelligence, IoT... View Profile

Dr Sairabanu Jamal Mohammed

Associate Professor Computer architecture, parallel computing, high-Pe... View Profile

Dr Anuradha J

Associate Professor Data Analytics, Machine learning, Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Priya G

Associate Professor Cloud Computing, IoT and Deep learning... View Profile

Dr Madiajagan M

Associate Professor Brain-Computer Interface, Cyber-Physical Systems, ... View Profile

Dr Sasikala R

Associate Professor Networking, Cloud computing, Machine learning and ... View Profile

Dr Lokesh Kumar Ramasamy

Associate Professor Data Science, Web Personalizataion... View Profile

Dr Joshva Devadas Thiagarajan

Associate Professor Intelligent Agent-based learning architectures ove... View Profile

Dr Mohan Kubendiran

Associate Professor Cloud Computing, Information Security, Healthcare ... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishnan Delhibabu

Associate Professor Computer Science Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar S

Associate Professor Digital Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis, ... View Profile

Dr Jothi K R

Associate Professor VANET, Machine Learning, AI, Fog Computing... View Profile

Dr Shashank Mouli Satapathy

Associate Professor Computer Science Software Engineering, Computer Sc... View Profile

Dr Satish C J

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Database Management Systems ... View Profile

Dr Mohanasundaram Ranganathan

Associate Professor Computer Science Artificial Intelligence, Computer... View Profile

Dr Akila Victor

Associate Professor Image Processing, Soft Computing, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Geetha Mary Amalanathan

Associate Professor Machine Learning and Privacy Preserving Data Minin... View Profile

Dr Naresh K

Associate Professor Radiotherapy planning, IOT, Engineering Optimizati... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Sangaiah

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Computational Intelligence, ... View Profile

Dr Rajeshkannan Regunathan

Associate Professor Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, ... View Profile

Dr Saroj Panigrahy

Associate Professor Cryptography, Network Security, IoT... View Profile

Dr Thurai Pandian

Associate Professor RFID research... View Profile

Dr Manomita Chakraborty

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale MY SPECIFIC RESEARCH INTEREST INCLUDES: NEURAL NET... View Profile

Dr Arulkumar Varatharajan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Full Stack Development, Artificial Intelligence, B... View Profile

Dr Rohit Kumar Das

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Interested in Computer Networks... View Profile

Dr Abinaya S

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Recommender Systems, Data Analytics, Artificial In... View Profile

Dr Somasundaram R

Assistant Professor Computer Communications and Computer Security and ... View Profile

Dr Vishnu Srinivasa Murthy Yarlagadda

Assistant Professor Music Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, ... View Profile

Ms Shalini L

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, Algorithms and Theo... View Profile

Mr Yokesh Babu Sundaresan

Assistant Professor Digital Circuits, Microprocessor, Heterogeneous Ar... View Profile

Dr Selvi M

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Cyber Security, Internet... View Profile

Mrs Geraldine Bessie Amali D

Assistant Professor Global Optimization; Machine Learning; Swarm Intel... View Profile

Ms Nalini N

Assistant Professor Data Stream, Mining, Machine Learning, Information... View Profile

Ms Ruby D

Assistant Professor Cognitive Radio Networks... View Profile

Mr Ragunthar Thangavelu

Assistant Professor Data mining, machine learning, Data warehouse ... View Profile

Ms Jayashree Jayaraman

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Machine Learning, AI... View Profile

Ms Tamizharasi T

Assistant Professor Vehicular Adhoc network with IoT... View Profile

Dr Ramani Selvanambi

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Optimization Algorithms, Database Sys... View Profile

Dr Murugan Krishnamoorthy

Assistant Professor Developing an authentication protocol for handover... View Profile

Mrs Meenakshi S P

Assistant Professor Network management... View Profile

Mr Gopichand G

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, Information Security, High Perf... View Profile

Mrs Srivani A

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Machine Learning approaches... View Profile

Ms Geeta Singh

Assistant Professor Information Security, Machine Learning Techniques... View Profile

Mrs Anuradha Devaraj

Assistant Professor Data security and privacy... View Profile

Dr Preetha Evangeline D

Assistant Professor Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Str... View Profile

Mr Sivanesan Sambandamurthy

Assistant Professor Compute Science... View Profile

Dr Kannadasan Rajendran

Assistant Professor Intelligent System and Control, DNA and Agricultur... View Profile

Dr Ilanthenral Kandasamy

Assistant Professor Fuzzy Logic, Neutrosophic logic, SNA, Information ... View Profile

Dr Sunil Kumar P V

Assistant Professor Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Machine Lea... View Profile

Ms Archana Tamizharasan

Assistant Professor Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, So... View Profile

Ms Ushus Elizebeth Zachariah

Assistant Professor Wireless Network... View Profile

Dr Prabakaran Natarajan

Assistant Professor Mining Massive Data analysis and Pervasive computi... View Profile

Ms Lydia Jane Gnanasigamani

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Rough Sets, Neural Nets... View Profile

Dr Jagalingam Pushparaj

Assistant Professor Machine learning, Deep learning, Image processing ... View Profile

Mrs Gladys Gnana Kiruba B

Assistant Professor Computational Intelligence... View Profile

Ms Jaya Subalakshmi Ramamoorthi

Assistant Professor Exertise in Computer Networks, Cryptography and We... View Profile

Mr Rahul Raman

Assistant Professor Computer vision, image processing, biometric secur... View Profile

Mr Siva Shanmugam Gopal

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Artificial I... View Profile

Mr Manoov Rajapandy

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Semantic ... View Profile

Mr Naveen Kumar N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Rishin Haldar

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Machi... View Profile

Dr Arivoli A

Assistant Professor Wireless adhoc networks, Wireless sensor networks,... View Profile

Ms Vijayasherly Velayutham

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems, Machine Learning... View Profile

Mr Krishnamoorthy Arasu

Assistant Professor Computer Science Hardware and Architecture, Intern... View Profile

Mrs Jasmin T Jose

Assistant Professor Video Processing... View Profile

Mr Lijo V P

Assistant Professor Big data Analytics, Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Senthilnathan Palaniappan

Assistant Professor Wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor N... View Profile

Mr Narayanamoorthi M

Assistant Professor Microprocessor and Micro controller /robotics/Para... View Profile

Mrs Anuradha G

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Mr Kauser Ahmed P

Assistant Professor Bio inspired computing ... View Profile

Ms Anbarasi Masilamani g

Assistant Professor Database, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Soft Comp... View Profile

Ms Bhulakshmi Bonthu Bonthu

Assistant Professor Bhulakshmi.Bonthu, research interest includes wire... View Profile

Dr Pramod Kumar Maurya

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Ultra-lightweight Authentication Pro... View Profile

Dr Rajarajan Ganesarathinam

Assistant Professor Internet Security, IoT Security... View Profile

Ms Padma Priya r

Assistant Professor Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virt... View Profile