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Prof Marcelo Schellini

Professor Photography, History of Art, Printing Technologies... View Profile

Dr Saleem Ahmed

Professor Product Aesthetics, Product Design, Semiotic studi... View Profile

Prof Vydianathan Ramaswami

Professor Bridge digital divide by effective integration of ... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Priya G G

Associate Professor Multimedia indexing and retrieval, Computer Vision... View Profile

Mr Mahadevan R Rajagopalan

Assistant Professor Multimedia and Animation... View Profile

Mr Surendheran Kaliyaperumal

Assistant Professor ICT, digital pedagogy, VR and AR in education, e-l... View Profile

Mr Vivek Velayudham

Assistant Professor Contemporary arts ... View Profile

Mr Karthik Gunna

Assistant Professor Visual Communication, Mass Communication... View Profile

Mr Krishnakumar K

Assistant Professor Video Processing with spatial temporal information... View Profile

Mr Sooraj Mohan M S

Assistant Professor visual media from 2D, 3D animations, visual effect... View Profile

Mr Raja Mani

Assistant Professor Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality,... View Profile

Mr Saravanan S

Assistant Professor Medical image processing, Virtual Reality... View Profile

Mr Solomon R

Assistant Professor User Experience, Product Design... View Profile

Mr Anurag Basak

Assistant Professor Art and Design... View Profile

Mr Dinesh Kumar

Assistant Professor 3D Animation 3D Modelling, Augmented Reality, Exte... View Profile

Mr Praveen C K

Assistant Professor Character Animation... View Profile

Mr Kiran G

Assistant Professor Industrial Design... View Profile

Mr Mantu Das

Assistant Professor Painting, Installation art, New media Art, ... View Profile