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Dr Dharani Bai G

Professor Medical image processing, computer vision, deep le... View Profile

Dr Thanikaiselvan Veeramalai

Professor Image Encryption, Cryptography, Information Securi... View Profile

Prof Ramachandra Reddy Gudheti

Professor Statistical Signal Processing, Communication Engin... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Rajagopal

Professor Biomedical Image Processing, Biosignal Processing,... View Profile

Dr Kavitha K V N

Associate Professor Wireless communication and networking... View Profile

Dr Prakash R

Associate Professor Embedded Digital signal processing systems... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha Anandan

Associate Professor underwater wireless optical links, Optical OFDM, d... View Profile

Dr Jeeva J B

Associate Professor optical imaging, Interested to develop electronic ... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Muthu

Associate Professor Signal and Image Processing ... View Profile

Dr Gautam Narayan

Associate Professor Solar Physics, Image Processing, Phased array ante... View Profile

Dr Aarthi Gunasekar

Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Arun Dev Dhar Dwivedi

Associate Professor Research Area- Electronics Engineering (Microelect... View Profile

Dr Sathya P

Associate Professor Design and analysis of electronic systems and desi... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Kumar Choukiker

Associate Professor Antenna and Wave Propagation, Rf and Microwave... View Profile

Dr Kathirvelan Jayaraman

Associate Professor Automation for the real world applications using c... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Rao Inabathini

Associate Professor Design of microwave active circuits like low noise... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Ramanathan

Associate Professor Signal processing in MIMO wireless relay network... View Profile

Mr Sundar S

Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sriharipriya K C

Associate Professor 5G Communications, Cognitive Radio, Internet of Th... View Profile

Dr Sivacoumar Rajalingam

Associate Professor Fiber optic sensors, Photonic crystal fiber, and P... View Profile

Dr Shankar Thangavelu

Associate Professor Electronics and communication... View Profile

Dr Rajeshkumar Venkatesan

Associate Professor Antennas, Microwave Integrated Circits... View Profile

Dr Budhaditya Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor Wireless and Mobile Communication... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan B

Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Architecture, D... View Profile

Dr Revathi S Senthil

Associate Professor Photonic Crystal Fibers for Optical Communication ... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishnan Valayathoor Narayanan

Associate Professor modeling radiation-hardened memory circuits. Also ... View Profile

Dr Hariharan Subramaniyam

Associate Professor Telecommunications... View Profile

Dr Sivasankaran Kumaravel

Associate Professor Nanoscale Device Modeling, FPGA Based System desig... View Profile

Dr Kumaravel S

Associate Professor Analog IC Design, Mixed Signal IC Design, RFIC Des... View Profile

Dr Deepa Madathil

Associate Professor Signal and Image Processing, Data Analytics, Hospi... View Profile

Dr Renuga Devi Subramanian

Associate Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering, Applied... View Profile

Dr Mythili Asaithambi

Associate Professor Biomedical signal, image analysis, biomedical inst... View Profile

Dr Vinoth Babu Kumaravelu

Associate Professor Wireless Digital Communications... View Profile

Dr Vidhya S

Associate Professor Medical Equipment design and development... View Profile

Dr Nandakumar S

Associate Professor Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Naveen Kumar Vaegae

Associate Professor Signal Processing Soft-computing in Electronics ... View Profile

Dr Christopher J Clement

Associate Professor Signal Processing, Wireless Communications, Image ... View Profile

Dr Suresh Kumar T R

Associate Professor Antennas, Electromagnetics, Frequency Selective Su... View Profile

Dr Jabeena Afthab

Associate Professor Optical Communication... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Compres... View Profile

Dr Venugopal P

Associate Professor robotics, machine learning... View Profile

Dr Sivanantham Sathasivam

Associate Professor VLSI Design and Testing, Design for Testability, R... View Profile

Dr Vijay Kumar

Associate Professor Antenna and wave propagation... View Profile

Dr Sharmila Nageswaran

Associate Professor Rehabilitation Engineering, Assistive Device Techn... View Profile

Dr Arun Manoharan

Associate Professor Computer Science Hardware and Architecture... View Profile

Dr Gerardine Immaculate Mary

Associate Professor Wireless Communication in Embedded Systems... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Bhowmick

Associate Professor Relay network, Cognitive Radio network, Full Duple... View Profile

Dr Noor Mohammed V

Associate Professor Resource allocation in Next Generation and B5G Net... View Profile

Dr Sridevi Sriadibhatla

Associate Professor Low power digital design... View Profile

Dr Anand S

Associate Professor Optical Antennas, Antennas, RF Nanotechnology, Fle... View Profile

Dr Rajan Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor Electronic structure theory, ab-initio materials m... View Profile

Dr Arunachalam Venkatesan

Associate Professor VLSI DSP, Computer Arithmetic and VLSI architectur... View Profile

Dr Sakthivel Ramachandran

Associate Professor Low power High speed VLSI architectures, Neuromorp... View Profile

Dr Nithish Kumar Venkatachalam

Associate Professor Digital VLSI, FPGA, Computer Arithmetic and Cognit... View Profile

Dr Velmurugan T

Associate Professor Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Govardhan Karunanidhi

Associate Professor Nano Chemical Sensor; MEMS Design, Analysis, Simul... View Profile

Dr Kalaivani Shanmugam

Associate Professor Image Processing and Signal analysis; Medical Imag... View Profile

Dr Vikas Vijayvargiya

Associate Professor VLSI Design: Nanoscale Low-Power Device Modelling,... View Profile

Dr Sujatha R Rajkumar

Associate Professor Internet of Things, Data Engineering in Cloud, IoT... View Profile

Dr Arvind Kumar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) RF and Microwave Engineering, Antenna Engineering,... View Profile

Dr Avinash Chandra

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Aperture Antennas, Metamaterial Antenna and Waveg... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Optical and Photonic waveguide modelling for sens... View Profile

Ms Saranya K C

Assistant Professor image processing and computer vision, vision based... View Profile

Dr Yepuganti Karuna

Assistant Professor Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Dee... View Profile

Dr Poongundran Selvaprabhu

Assistant Professor Wireless and mobile communication - Advanced Inter... View Profile

Dr Arunkumar Chandrasekhar

Assistant Professor wearable triboelectric nanogenerator, battery-free... View Profile

Dr Ilavarasan T

Assistant Professor Telecommunications... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Nagar

Assistant Professor Fabrication and Characterization of Oxide based No... View Profile

Mr Shanmugasundaram M

Assistant Professor Real-Time Scheduling, Fault-Tolerant System, Cloud... View Profile

Mr Antony Xavier Glittas Xavier Chelliah

Assistant Professor VLSI Design, Digital VLSI... View Profile

Ms Srividhya Venkatasubramanian

Assistant Professor Cognitive radio sensor networks... View Profile

Dr Suganthan Veerachamy

Assistant Professor Biomaterial... View Profile

Mr Vidhyapathi C M

Assistant Professor Computer vision and Human computer interaction, Ha... View Profile

Mr Rajeev Nelapati

Assistant Professor VLSI device modeling, Low power VLSI circuit desig... View Profile

Dr Konguvel Elango

Assistant Professor Digital VLSI Design, Digital Signal Processing, FP... View Profile

Dr Surya Prakash

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Embedded System, Renewabl... View Profile

Ms Padmini T N

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Digital image processing... View Profile

Ms Anitha R

Assistant Professor Digital VLSI... View Profile

Mr Ragunath Gopal

Assistant Professor law power and high arithmetic circuits in VLSI... View Profile

Dr Rajkishor Kumar

Assistant Professor AI and ML Approach in Antennas, RF and Microwave A... View Profile

Dr Prayline Rajabai C

Assistant Professor VLSI Design... View Profile

Mr Riyaz Ali Shaik

Assistant Professor MEMS, Flexible electronics and Data Acquisition Te... View Profile

Ms Aarthy M

Assistant Professor Low power VLSI digital circuit design... View Profile

Dr Kishor Lakshmi Narayanan

Assistant Professor Neurorehabilitation, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engi... View Profile

Ms Lavanya Nagarajan

Assistant Professor Wireless sensor networks... View Profile

Dr Biswajit Dwivedy

Assistant Professor Antennas (Microstrip and Dielectric Resonator ante... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kumar C V Kumar

Assistant Professor Communication networks, MC-CDMA... View Profile

Ms Aparna Mohanty

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Computer vision, machine learnin... View Profile

Dr Apurba Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Growth and characterisation of Gallium Nitride bas... View Profile

Dr Jagannadha Naidu K

Assistant Professor Low Power VLSI Architectures and SoC Design... View Profile

Ms Christina Josephine Malathi A

Assistant Professor Array antennas, design of MIMO antennas for size r... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan Anbalagan

Assistant Professor Wireless sensor networks... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar Jindal

Assistant Professor MEMS, Sensor Technology, Electronics and Instrumen... View Profile

Dr Pradheep Thiyagarajan

Assistant Professor Nanomaterial synthesis and application, carbon bas... View Profile

Dr Sasikumar K

Assistant Professor Biomedical ... View Profile

Dr Ramya Sekar

Assistant Professor Microwave, Metamaterial... View Profile

Dr Debashish Dash

Assistant Professor Computational Physics of Materials... View Profile

Dr Abraham Sampson S

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Hariharan I Ilango

Assistant Professor Reconfigurable architectures, parallel and distrib... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Natarajan

Assistant Professor Telecommunications... View Profile

Ms Sumathi Gokulanathan

Assistant Professor Secure and Reliable VLSI Designs, Neural Networks ... View Profile

Dr Satheesh Kumar S

Assistant Professor Soft Errors, Low Power Circuit Design, Radiation H... View Profile

Dr Preetha K S

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Hemprasad Patil

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Mugelan R K

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication (LTE, LTE-A, 5G) and Networ... View Profile

Dr Abdul Majeed K

Assistant Professor Analog VLSI Design... View Profile

Mr Dhanabal Rengasamy

Assistant Professor VLSI Design of Arithmetic and logic floating-point... View Profile

Dr Debashis Maji

Assistant Professor MEMS, Biosensors, Microfluidics, Flexible sensors ... View Profile

Dr Naveen Mishra

Assistant Professor Metamaterial Antennas, Filters and Absorbers..... View Profile

Dr Bagubali Annasamy

Assistant Professor IP Multimedia Subsystem for Integrating Heterogene... View Profile

Mr Muthu Raja Soundrapandian

Assistant Professor Nanomaterial for fuelcells and chemical sensors, O... View Profile

Dr Sibasankar Padhy

Assistant Professor Biomedical signal processing, Tensor Decomposition... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha Kalaivasan

Assistant Professor Optical Engineering, Instrumentation in optical en... View Profile

Dr Shweta B Thomas

Assistant Professor GPR signal processing... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan Madurakavi

Assistant Professor Antenna Design, MIMO decoding algorithms... View Profile

Mr Ashish P

Assistant Professor Array Signal Processing, DOA estimation, Sparse Ar... View Profile

Ms Shaik Vahida

Assistant Professor Frequency selective surfaces for shielding and ant... View Profile

Mr Raman Kumar M

Assistant Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Mr Jayakrishnan Pachaiappan

Assistant Professor Low power ... View Profile

Dr Deepika Rani Sona

Assistant Professor Networking and communications, including mobile op... View Profile

Dr Manimaran P

Assistant Professor SOA, Fiber Optic Sensors, Modelling of Optoelectro... View Profile

Mr Sankar Ganesh S

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing and Soft Compu... View Profile

Dr Bhaskar Mohan Murari

Professor Biosensors, Biomedical Instrumentation and Biomate... View Profile

Dr Shambavi K

Professor RF and Microwave Electronics... View Profile

Dr Jasmin Pemeena Priyadarisini M M

Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Kasi

Professor Network Security... View Profile

Dr Elizabeth Rufus

Professor Large part in biomedical applications of electroma... View Profile

Dr Poonkuzhali Ramaswamy

Professor Antennas microwave... View Profile

Dr Malaya Kumar Hota

Professor Digital Signal Processing; Genomic Signal Processi... View Profile

Dr Prakasam P

Professor Signal/Image Processing, Wireless Communication/Ne... View Profile

Dr Zachariah C Alex Alex

Professor Microwave Engineering, Sensors, MEMS and Biomedica... View Profile

Dr Valarmathi Jayaraman

Professor Specialization includes Information fusion in Rada... View Profile

Dr Harish Kittur

Professor VLSI Design, Device Physics... View Profile