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Dr Aswani Kumar Cherukuri

Professor Information Security and Machine learning.... View Profile

Dr Ganesan K

Professor areas of automotive systems, cybersecurity, AI and... View Profile

Dr Sumathy Subramanian

Professor Text Mining, Trust, Reliability and QoS of Wireles... View Profile

Dr Sathiyamoorthy Elumalai

Professor Cloud Computing, E-Business, ... View Profile

Dr Daphne Lopez

Professor Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing... View Profile

Mr Hari Ram Vishwakarma

Professor Software Engineering, Knowledge Management... View Profile

Dr Ajit Kumar Santra

Professor Artificial Intelligence, ANN, Process Optimisation... View Profile

Dr Balakrushna Tripathy

Professor Soft Computing, Granular Computing, Machine Learni... View Profile

Dr Bimal Kumar Ray

Professor Computer Vision and Graphics. My works are mostly ... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan Subha

Professor Processor cache memories and processor ALU... View Profile

Dr Kathiravan Srinivasan

Associate Professor Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Communi... View Profile

Dr Jayaram Reddy A

Associate Professor Aritificial Intelligence, Rough sets and Knowledge... View Profile

Dr Chiranji Lal Chowdhary

Associate Professor Medical Image Processing, Pattern RecognitionImage... View Profile

Dr John Singh K

Associate Professor Network Security, Information Security and Cyber F... View Profile

Ms Uma Maheswari G

Associate Professor Devising Energy Efficient Computing in Parallel Al... View Profile

Dr Tapan Das

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Soft co... View Profile

Dr Sree Dharinya Sathish Kumar

Associate Professor Deep Learning, Machine learning, Big data, Web sem... View Profile

Dr Sumangali Krishnan

Associate Professor Formal Concept Analysis in Knowledge Discovery, Da... View Profile

Dr Manikandan Narayanapillai

Associate Professor Developing and enhancing Parallel processing appli... View Profile

Dr Asis Kumar Tripathy

Associate Professor WSN, IoT, Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, Edge Com... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan P

Associate Professor Wireless Network and IOT... View Profile

Dr Arivuselvan K

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Deep Le... View Profile

Dr Anny Leema A

Associate Professor Data Mining, RFID, E-learning, Web Security, Machi... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Nagarajan

Associate Professor Medical image processing, Artificial Intelligence,... View Profile

Dr Mythili N Boopathi

Associate Professor Network Security, Computer Networks, Data structur... View Profile

Dr Vijayanand R

Associate Professor Networking, Software Testing... View Profile

Dr Jagadeesh Gopal

Associate Professor Software Engineering, Global Software Development.... View Profile

Dr Prabhu J

Associate Professor Software Testing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning,... View Profile

Dr Hemalatha S

Associate Professor Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision, Patte... View Profile

Dr Sudha Mohankumar

Associate Professor Data Mining and Machine Learning, Medical Informat... View Profile

Dr Dharmendra Singh Rajput

Associate Professor Data mining, Big Data... View Profile

Dr Swarna Priya Ramu

Associate Professor Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, Brain Machin... View Profile

Dr Gitanjali J

Associate Professor Networking, Ambient Intelligence - Security... View Profile

Dr Muthamilselvan Thangavel

Associate Professor Data mining, Knowledge discovery, Machine learning... View Profile

Dr Vijayan R

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Networks, Mobile Adhoc... View Profile

Dr Lawanya Shri M

Associate Professor Cloud computing, Block Chain technology, Optimizat... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Koppu

Associate Professor Blockchian Technology, IoT, Network Security, Mach... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumar Mohan

Associate Professor Big data, ML / DL... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan Jayaraman

Associate Professor Data analytics using statistical learning algorith... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kaluri

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction. He ha... View Profile

Dr Sumaiya Thaseen

Associate Professor Cyber Security, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Seetha R

Associate Professor Data Structures and Algorithms, Networking, Block ... View Profile

Dr Anitha A

Associate Professor A. Anitha is an Associate Professor in the School ... View Profile

Dr Parimala Manickam

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Soft Computing... View Profile

Dr Priya V

Associate Professor Data Science, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Big Da... View Profile

Dr Venketesh Palanisamy

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Web Services... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar N C

Associate Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Dr Kamalakannan Jayaseelan

Associate Professor Medical image analysis, Machine learning, Deeplear... View Profile

Dr Navaneethan Chenniappan

Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Network Security, Cyber ... View Profile

Dr Agilandeeswari L

Associate Professor Image and Video Watermarking, Image and Video Proc... View Profile

Dr Ramkumar Thirunavukarasu

Associate Professor Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning ... View Profile

Dr Thandeeswaran Raju

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Data Communication, Network and... View Profile

Dr Gunavathi C

Associate Professor Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Brindha K

Associate Professor Machine learning, Deep learning, IOT, Visual Crypt... View Profile

Dr Thanapal Pandi

Associate Professor Cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, energy ef... View Profile

Dr Prasanna Santhanam

Associate Professor Block chain, Artificial intelligance, Data scienc... View Profile

Mr Saravanakumar K

Associate Professor Database, advanced database concepts, information ... View Profile

Dr Rahamathunnisa Usuff

Associate Professor Video processing, Image Processing, Multimedia Net... View Profile

Dr Shynu P G

Associate Professor Cloud Security, Data Science, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Vanitha Mohanraj

Associate Professor High performance architectures for Cryptography al... View Profile

Dr Kumar P J

Associate Professor IoT, Wireless Networks, Distributed systems ... View Profile

Mr Chandra Mouliswaran S

Associate Professor Formal Concept Analysis, Ontology, Knowledge Repre... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumaran Ulaganathan

Associate Professor Wireless sensor networks, Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Gopinath P

Associate Professor Computer Science Interdisciplinary SCI... View Profile

Dr Vijayan Ellappan

Associate Professor Event detection and classification... View Profile

Dr Rajeswari Chengoden

Associate Professor Fault diagnosis and machine learning... View Profile

Dr Thippa Reddy Gadekallu

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learnin... View Profile

Dr Kuruva Lakshmanna

Associate Professor Data mining, Algorithms, data science, Big data an... View Profile

Dr Deepa Mani

Associate Professor Cloud computing, Machine learning, Computer Archit... View Profile

Dr Ephzibah E P

Associate Professor Data mining, Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Sujatha R

Associate Professor Data mining, Software Engineering; Machine Learnin... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan P

Associate Professor Service Level Agreement in cloud computing, Softwa... View Profile

Dr Chiranji Lal Chowdhary

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Pattern... View Profile

Dr Chellatamilan T

Associate Professor Data Science, information Retrieval, Deep Learning... View Profile

Mrs Nirmala M

Associate Professor Data Analytics, Social Computing, Sentiment Analys... View Profile

Dr Usha Devi Gandhi

Associate Professor Networks, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Dhinesh Babu L D

Associate Professor Served in various administrative capacities, Compu... View Profile

Dr Sudha Senthilkumar

Associate Professor Network Security... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumar Paramasivan

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining... View Profile

Dr Vani M P M P

Associate Professor Networking... View Profile

Dr Nagaraja G

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language ... View Profile

Dr Alagiri Indirajithu

Associate Professor Computer Science Theory and Methods... View Profile

Dr Nadesh R K

Associate Professor Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Information S... View Profile

Dr Jasmine Norman

Associate Professor Information Security... View Profile

Dr Senthil Murugan Balakrishnan

Associate Professor Middleware for deploying web services for accessin... View Profile

Dr Mohan Kumar Pichaimuthu

Associate Professor data engineering ( Data management, data analytics... View Profile

Dr Prasanna M

Associate Professor software Testing. Published several papers in inte... View Profile

Dr Valarmathi B

Associate Professor Data Mining, Text Mining, Natural Language process... View Profile

Dr Swathi Gundala

Associate Professor Network and information security... View Profile

Dr Neelu Khare

Associate Professor Data Science, Machine learning, Soft computing... View Profile

Mrs Meenatchi Shanmugam

Associate Professor Wireless sensor networks ... View Profile

Dr Iyapparaja M

Associate Professor Software Testing, Big data and Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Prabhavathy P

Associate Professor Soft computing techniques in Information systems... View Profile

Dr Ranichandra C

Associate Professor Database Management Systems, Advanced Databases, B... View Profile

Dr Mangayarkarasi R

Associate Professor Computer vision, pattern recognition and Machine l... View Profile

Dr Selva Rani B

Associate Professor Recommender Systems, Cryptography and Network Secu... View Profile

Dr Pounambal Muthukumar

Associate Professor Wireless networks, Bigdata Analytics... View Profile

Dr Mala Serene

Associate Professor Modelling of MEMs and MOEMS sensors and Data Minin... View Profile

Dr Priya Munusamy

Associate Professor Data Mining, Operating Systems, Computer Networks,... View Profile

Prof Chandrasegar Thirumalai

Assistant Professor Chandra Segar Thirumalai was born in Pondicherry c... View Profile

Mrs Malathy Emperuman

Assistant Professor Wireless sensor networks... View Profile

Mrs Kiruba Thangam Raja

Assistant Professor Computervision, Pattern recognition, Software Engi... View Profile

Ms Vijayarani Arunagiri

Assistant Professor Computer vision and machine learning... View Profile

Dr Harshita Patel

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificia... View Profile

Ms Kalaivani Selvakumar

Assistant Professor Computer Vision... View Profile

Dr Mary Mekala A

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Signal Processing... View Profile

Ms Kavitha B R

Assistant Professor Computer vision and machine learning... View Profile

Dr Anand Bihari

Assistant Professor Social Network Analysis, Collaboration Network Ana... View Profile

Ms Nancy Victor

Assistant Professor Big data, privacy, neural networks... View Profile

Dr Subhashini R

Assistant Professor Machine learning techniques, optimization techniqu... View Profile

Dr Gunasekaran G

Assistant Professor Computer Graphics, Image processing, Multimedia Co... View Profile

Mr Jayakumar Sadhasivam

Assistant Professor Open Source and Web Development, Research on Machi... View Profile

Dr Varalakshmi M

Assistant Professor HPC... View Profile

Dr Arup Ghosh

Assistant Professor Smart Manufacturing; Cyber-Physical Production Sys... View Profile

Ms Tamil Priya Dhandapani

Assistant Professor Image processing, data mining, computer vision and... View Profile

Ms Krithika L B

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Natural Language Processing... View Profile

Mrs Jabanjalin Hilda James

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing and Machine Learning... View Profile

Mrs Benjula Anbu Malar M B Anbu Malar

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing... View Profile

Mr Chandrasegar T

Assistant Professor Cyber Security, Cryptography, Machine Learning, Fu... View Profile

Mrs Suganya P

Assistant Professor Internet of Things... View Profile

Mr Brijendra Singh

Assistant Professor Soft computing techniques, Data Mining, Artifical ... View Profile

Dr Ksanthi Srinivasan

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing... View Profile

Dr Suba Shanthini S

Assistant Professor Information Security... View Profile

Ms Ushapreethi P

Assistant Professor Human Action Recognition, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Pradeepa Manickam

Assistant Professor Signal Processing... View Profile

Dr Vellingiri J

Assistant Professor Data Mining and Data Analytics... View Profile

Mr Raghavan R

Assistant Professor Digital Image Processing, rough sets, knowledge en... View Profile

Mr Kumaresan P

Assistant Professor Embedded Systems, IoT, Cloud Computing, WBAN, Supp... View Profile

Ms Ramya Govindaraj

Assistant Professor Picture languages... View Profile

Dr Gayathri A

Assistant Professor Interested in Mobile networks, Computer Networks, ... View Profile

Dr Nithya S

Assistant Professor Networking, Software Testing... View Profile

Dr Rathi R

Assistant Professor Soft computing, Data mining, Artificial intelligan... View Profile

Ms Thilagavathi Manoharan

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Blockchain ... View Profile

Mrs Sureka S

Assistant Professor Software testing... View Profile

Ms Asha N

Assistant Professor Software enineering... View Profile

Dr Uma K

Assistant Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Mr Nallakaruppan M Kailasanthan

Assistant Professor IoT and Data science... View Profile

Dr Jayalakshmi P

Assistant Professor Sensor networks... View Profile

Dr Angulakshmi Maruthamuthu

Assistant Professor image processing, soft computing, pattern recognit... View Profile

Dr Prabadevi B

Assistant Professor Computer networks and security... View Profile

Mrs Charanya r

Assistant Professor cloud computing, Software Engineering, Blockchain.... View Profile

Ms Deepa Karuppaiah

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing... View Profile

Dr Jyotismita Chaki

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Medical... View Profile

Mrs Chemmalar Selvi Govardanan

Assistant Professor Big Data Analytics... View Profile

Dr Siva Rama Krishnan S

Assistant Professor Networks... View Profile

Mrs Sumathi D

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks... View Profile

Dr Sweta Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor Industrial Engineering, Statistical Techniques, Su... View Profile

Dr Santhosh Kumar S V N

Assistant Professor Data dissemination in WSN... View Profile

Dr Sivashankari R

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Ms Bhavani Sundar Raj

Assistant Professor Transportation (Vehicle Routing and Scheduling)... View Profile

Mrs Mareeswari V

Assistant Professor Web Services and Technologies, Data Analytics and ... View Profile

Mr Magesh G

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Data-mining and Big data... View Profile

Mr Senthilkumar Narayanasamay

Assistant Professor Information Retrieval, Semantic Web, Big Data Anal... View Profile

Dr Sujatha V

Assistant Professor Survival Analysis/Reliability, Order Statistics, D... View Profile