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Prof Rambabu Kodali

Vice Chancellor Toyota Production system, Lean Mnaufacturing, Manu... View Profile

Dr Yagnavalkya Mukkamala

Professor Enhanced heat transfer; Automotive Aerodynamics... View Profile

Dr Darius Gnanaraj S

Professor Tribology, Ergonomics, Materials... View Profile

Dr Denis Ashok Sathia Seelan

Professor Artificial Intelligence and soft computing, Machin... View Profile

Dr Vincent Herald Wilson

Professor IC Engines, Emissions, Desalination, Hybrid driers... View Profile

Dr Ganapathi Manickam

Professor Computational mechanics, materials and structural ... View Profile

Dr Satheesh Anbalagan

Professor Convective Heat Transfer, Metal Hydride based Ther... View Profile

Dr John Rajan A

Professor Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Enterprise Res... View Profile

Dr Sudhakara Pandian R

Professor Manufacturing system, Supply chain management, Opt... View Profile

Dr Ramanujam R

Professor Materials Processing and Optimization... View Profile

Mr Ramaseshan H

Professor Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource managemen... View Profile

Dr Edison Gundabattini

Professor Hermetic Compressor Valve flow analysis, Electric ... View Profile

Dr Sitaram Dash Dash

Professor Surface engineering, Material science Engineering,... View Profile

Dr Thundil Karuppa Raj Rajagopal

Professor CFD, IC Engines, Thermal and Heat Transfer... View Profile

Dr Murugavel Ramachandran

Professor Software Quality... View Profile

Dr Kuppan Palaniyandi

Professor Advanced machining processes, Laser Processing of ... View Profile

Dr Pulidindi Venugopal

Professor teaching consumer behaviour, business to business ... View Profile

Dr Arivazhagan Natarajan

Professor Metal Joining, coating, High temperature corrosion... View Profile

Dr Anthony Xavior Michael

Professor Metal Matrix Composites, Characterization and Prop... View Profile

Dr Jeevanantham A K

Professor Functional alloys and composites through Powder Me... View Profile

Dr Naiju C D

Professor Metal Additive manufacturing, New Product Design, ... View Profile

Dr Devendranath Ramkumar K

Professor Welding, bio-corrosion, materials testing and char... View Profile

Dr Dega Nagaraju

Professor operations and supply chain management, optimisati... View Profile

Dr Murugan M

Professor Metal Cutting, Hybrid Manufacturing Processes, Add... View Profile

Dr Padmanabhan Krishnan

Professor Materials Engineering, composites, FEM, Fracture a... View Profile

Dr Rajay Vedaraj I S

Professor Robotics/Walking Wheelchair/Artificial Intelligenc... View Profile

Dr Vasudevan Rajamohan

Professor Smart Materials, Composite Materials, Dynamics and... View Profile

Dr Thiagarajan S

Professor Supply Chain Management with application of Optimi... View Profile

Dr Nageswara Rao M

Professor Development, Production and Characterization (Qual... View Profile

Dr Tapano Kumar Hotta

Associate Professor Heat Transfer Enhancement, Electronic Cooling, Act... View Profile

Dr Ashok B

Associate Professor Automotive Engineering; Electric and Hybrid Vehicl... View Profile

Dr Kumar Raja

Associate Professor plastic and metal based Additive Manufacturing, Su... View Profile

Dr Anil Payyappalli Mana

Associate Professor Tribology... View Profile

Dr Jeeva P A

Associate Professor Engineering coatings and its characterization... View Profile

Dr Anandavel Kaliyaperumal

Associate Professor Structural Integrity assessment of aero-engine com... View Profile

Dr Benedict Thomas

Associate Professor Vibration Analysis and Control, Finite Element Mod... View Profile

Dr Keyur Joshi

Associate Professor Bio-inspired vehicle design, finite element method... View Profile

Dr Manikandan M

Associate Professor Metal Joining, Hot Corrosion, Thermal Barrier Coat... View Profile

Dr Narendiranath Babu Thamba

Associate Professor Fault diagnosis on bearings and gears, Fiber matri... View Profile

Dr Venkatesan Kannan

Associate Professor Advanced machining process, optimization, composit... View Profile

Dr Pandivelan Chinnaiyan

Associate Professor Formability Studies, Sheet Metal Forming, Hydro Fo... View Profile

Dr Venkateshwarlu Bolleddu

Associate Professor Thermal spray coatings characterization... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumaran S

Associate Professor Advanced Solid State Welding, Friction welding of ... View Profile

Dr Chiranjeevi Chalasani

Associate Professor Solar Thermal Technologies, Thermal Desalination, ... View Profile

Dr Velu M

Associate Professor Welding, Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue Crack Growth... View Profile

Dr Sovan Sundar Dasgupta Dasgupta

Associate Professor Vibration, Rotor Dynamics, MEMS/NEMS, Energy Harve... View Profile

Dr Renold Elsen Selvam

Associate Professor Finite Element Method, Optimization, CMC, PMC and ... View Profile

Dr Arun Tom Mathew

Associate Professor Mechanical Assemblies, 4D printing and Intelligent... View Profile

Dr Siva Prasad Darla

Associate Professor Supply Chain Management, Product Life Cycle, Heuri... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar E E

Associate Professor Got Best paper Award at the international conferen... View Profile

Dr Bharanidaran R

Associate Professor MEMS Design, Compliant Mechanism Design, FEA, Smar... View Profile

Dr Raja Sekhar Yendaluru

Associate Professor Nanofluids; Solar Thermal Energy conversion; Photo... View Profile

Dr Sampath Kumar T

Associate Professor Coatings, machining, optimization, composites, man... View Profile

Dr Gemini V Joy

Associate Professor Marketing Management, Brand Management, Marketing ... View Profile

Dr Devendra Kumar Patel

Associate Professor Heat and Fluid Flow, Two-Phase Flow, CFD... View Profile

Dr Aravind Raj Sakthivel

Associate Professor Agile Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Industry ... View Profile

Dr Narendra Kumar U

Associate Professor Biomaterials, Nanocomposites, Shape memory polymer... View Profile

Dr Vijesh Joshi

Associate Professor Experimental and numerical thermal and fluid flow ... View Profile

Dr Fathima Patham Kader Mohideen

Associate Professor Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, Topology O... View Profile

Dr Govindha Rasu N

Associate Professor Heat transfer, Computational Fluid dynamics, Nucle... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Gupta

Associate Professor Polymer composites... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar P

Associate Professor Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Enterprise Res... View Profile

Dr Sakthivel Palanivelu

Associate Professor Automotive NVH, Vehicle Dynamics, Modal Analysis, ... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishnan Ramachandran

Associate Professor Mechatronics, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, A... View Profile

Dr Raghuraman D R S

Associate Professor Micro fluidics Fluid power systems, Aeronautical C... View Profile

Dr Muralidharan B

Associate Professor Advanced Machining Process... View Profile

Dr Prakash R

Associate Professor Alternative fuels for Internal combustion engines,... View Profile

Dr S Senthil Kumar

Associate Professor System modelling, soft computing and simulation, I... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa N Gupta

Associate Professor Industrial Engineering... View Profile

Dr Kamatchi Rajaram

Associate Professor boiling heat transfer with nanofluids, convective ... View Profile

Dr Rajamurugan G

Associate Professor Composite materials, Welding Engg and Material sci... View Profile

Dr Ariful Rahaman

Associate Professor carbon nanomaterials coating over the different su... View Profile

Dr Rajyalakshmi G

Associate Professor Advanced Machining, Optimization, Surface modifica... View Profile

Dr Immanuel Selwyn Raj A

Associate Professor Thermodynamic Analysis of Energy (Power Generation... View Profile

Dr Gokul Kumar Kesaven

Associate Professor Dissimilar welding... View Profile

Dr Ponnusamy P

Associate Professor Thermal science, internal combustion engine, drug ... View Profile

Dr Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo

Associate Professor IC Engine Performance, Combustion, Emission and En... View Profile

Dr Prabu K

Associate Professor Automotive NVH, Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Crash, V... View Profile

Dr Niranjana Behera

Associate Professor Multiphase flow; Tribology... View Profile

Dr Senthilnathan Natarajan

Associate Professor Materials processing and characterization, tungste... View Profile

Dr Sandeep Ahankari

Associate Professor Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites- Processing ... View Profile

Dr Vezhavendhan R

Associate Professor Lean manufacturing, Agile Manufacturing, Quality m... View Profile

Dr Asokan M A

Associate Professor IC engines, Biofuels, Alternate fuels... View Profile

Dr Mohan Cigurupadi Ganesan

Associate Professor Energy from waste, Biomass, Gasification, Pyrolysi... View Profile

Dr Sekarapandian N

Associate Professor Thermal fluid sciences, Computational Fluid Dynami... View Profile

Dr A Vinoth Jebaraj

Associate Professor Metal Joining, Surface Engineering, Metal Additive... View Profile

Dr Nantha Gopal Kasianantham

Associate Professor Energy and Fuels, , Petroleum Engineering, Mechani... View Profile

Dr Bibin John

Associate Professor Aerodynamics, CFD, Propulsion, Heat Transfer, Mult... View Profile

Dr Ashok K

Associate Professor Thermodynamic cycles, Hydrodynamic flow stability,... View Profile

Dr Premkartikkumar S R

Associate Professor Engine pollution control, Alternative fuels, Renew... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar Thulasi

Associate Professor Automotive Engineering, Engine Combustion... View Profile

Dr Devendiran S

Associate Professor Advanced machining process, composites, NDT, condi... View Profile

Dr Natarajan M

Associate Professor Renewable Energy Sources, Solar Thermal Power Engi... View Profile

Dr Naga Venkata Raghuram Jeedigunta

Associate Professor Supply chain in Retailing, Consumer Behavior, Adve... View Profile

Dr Mallikarjuna Reddy D

Associate Professor Condition Monitoring, Dynamic analysis of structur... View Profile

Dr Rijesh M

Associate Professor Severe plastic deformation, ECAP, Roll bonding, Me... View Profile

Dr Soumen Pal

Associate Professor High temperature materials, composites, nano-compo... View Profile

Dr Baskar Ponnusamy

Associate Professor Internal combustion engineer, combustion and emiss... View Profile

Dr Manoharan R Ramamoorthy

Associate Professor Dynamics and Control, Computational Mechanics, Sma... View Profile

Dr Ravi K

Associate Professor Internal combustion engines, Alternate fuels, Lean... View Profile

Dr Giriraj Mannayee

Associate Professor Cyber Physical System, MES, Cloud Manufacturing... View Profile

Dr Rahul Singh Sikarwar

Associate Professor Polymer composites, Finite element simulation usin... View Profile

Dr Deepak Kumar Biswal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Vibration, Buckling, Dynamic Stability, Sandwich S... View Profile

Dr Ashirbad Swain

Assistant Professor Multiscale Modelling and Analysis of Composite and... View Profile

Dr Bikash Routh

Assistant Professor Mechanical Transmission, Mechanical Design, Lubric... View Profile

Dr Balaji Kumar

Assistant Professor Heat pumps, solar cooling, building science, peak ... View Profile

Mr Senthil Kumar Muniappan

Assistant Professor Thermal science... View Profile

Dr Krishna S

Assistant Professor Automotive, control system, electronics... View Profile

Dr Suraj Kushe Shekhar

Assistant Professor Marketing Management... View Profile

Dr Jambeswar Sahu

Assistant Professor Micro-forming, Machining... View Profile

Dr Sudhir Raj

Assistant Professor Robotics, Non-linear control of under-actuated sys... View Profile

Dr Sathish Gundupalli Paulraj

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Robotics, Mechatronics, Machine L... View Profile

Dr Dibyajyoti Ghosh

Assistant Professor Supply Chain Management, Operations, Optimiaztion... View Profile

Ms Deepa Akepati

Assistant Professor FEA, Composites design and manufacturing, smart ma... View Profile

Dr P. Seenuvasaperumal

Assistant Professor Magnesium alloys, Severe Plastic Deformation proce... View Profile

Dr Aruna Kumar Behura

Assistant Professor Solar Energy, Heat transfer, Fluid Flow, Thermal E... View Profile

Dr Atul Kumar

Assistant Professor Al based nano-composites, Friction stir processing... View Profile

Dr Deepakkumar R

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics Development and Appli... View Profile

Dr Soumi Ray

Assistant Professor Image analysis, machine learning, artificial intel... View Profile

Dr Faseeulla Khan M D

Assistant Professor Superplastic forming, Joining of light-weight allo... View Profile

Mr Sharan Chandran Maniyamparambil

Assistant Professor Polymer Composite Materials... View Profile

Mr Gunji Bala Murali Gunji

Assistant Professor Robotics and Automation. Assembly Sequence Plannin... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Murugan

Assistant Professor Polymer composites, composite joint... View Profile

Dr Naveen J

Assistant Professor Ballistic performance of composites, Body armour r... View Profile

Mr Joel Jayaseelan

Assistant Professor Foundry metallurgy, Welding, Machining. ... View Profile

Mr Oyyaravelu Ramachandran

Assistant Professor Manufacturing, Welding, Metallurgical and Metallur... View Profile

Dr Chinmaya Prasad Mohanty

Assistant Professor Manufacturing Cryogenic Machining, Thermal modelli... View Profile

Dr Anuj Kumar

Assistant Professor hydrokinetic turbines, Wind turbines, Renewable en... View Profile

Dr Jayaprakash Narayan Murugan

Assistant Professor Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Separated Flow, Turb... View Profile

Dr Devasri Fuloria

Assistant Professor Metal Forming and Materials Characterization... View Profile

Dr Mohankumar K V

Assistant Professor Constitutive modeling in Continuum Mechanics... View Profile

Mr Padmanathan Panneerselvam

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics, Energy, Heat transfe... View Profile

Dr Humrutha G

Assistant Professor Supersonic Aerodynamics and Wind Energy... View Profile

Dr Anoj Giri

Assistant Professor Residual stress, Distortion, Material Joining... View Profile

Mr Anoop Kumar Mangalassery

Assistant Professor Energy Conservation and management, Renewable ener... View Profile

Dr Lalit Kumar Bansal

Assistant Professor Droplet evaporation, microfluidics, Colloids, Fuel... View Profile

Dr Seema A

Assistant Professor Organisational Behavior, Principles of Management,... View Profile

Dr Rajasekhara Reddy Mutra

Assistant Professor rotor dynamics, vibrations, optimization and condi... View Profile

Dr Kishore Kumar Mahato

Assistant Professor Composite materials and nanomaterials... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan Narayanan

Assistant Professor Corrosion... View Profile

Dr Arulvel S

Assistant Professor Surface engineering, Material science Engineering,... View Profile

Dr Raviteja Buddala

Assistant Professor Scheduling... View Profile

Dr Sundaramali G

Assistant Professor Metal Casting and forging process optimization... View Profile

Mr Boopathi M

Assistant Professor Mechatronics with basic mechanical, friction drill... View Profile

Mr Senthur Prabu S

Assistant Professor Thermal and Heat Transfer, Alternative fuels, Weld... View Profile

Mr Abinash Mohanta

Assistant Professor Open channel flow hydraulics, Computational fluid ... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Babu Vemuluri

Assistant Professor Vibration analysis of smart materials and structur... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Gupta

Assistant Professor NDT Ultrasonics, NDT of Composites and Wave Propag... View Profile

Mr Nishant Tiwari

Assistant Professor CFD Simulation; Microchannels; Conjugate Heat Tran... View Profile

Mr Jeyapandiarajan Paulchamy

Assistant Professor Material Science, Machining and Welding of Super a... View Profile

Mrs Sreeja Sadasivan

Assistant Professor CFD, Vacuum Tube Transportation, Film Cooling... View Profile

Dr Sreekanth M S

Assistant Professor Nanocomposites and blends, advanced materials, bio... View Profile

Dr Ranjeet Kumar Bhagchandani

Assistant Professor Additive Manufacturing, CAD/CAM and Automation... View Profile

Dr Somasundharam Sankaran

Assistant Professor Inverse heat transfer technique, Numerical heat tr... View Profile

Mr Senthilkumar Paramasivam

Assistant Professor Shock wave boundary layer interaction/supersonic f... View Profile

Dr Prabir Padhy

Assistant Professor OB, HR, Entrepreneurship ... View Profile

Mr Sridharan Kannan

Assistant Professor 3D Printing ... View Profile

Dr Kalaiarassan Gunasekaran

Assistant Professor Robotics, Industrial Automation, IoT, Cyberphysica... View Profile

Dr Sakthivadivel D

Assistant Professor Smart Gasifier Cookstoves, Gasification and Combus... View Profile

Dr Venkatesan S

Assistant Professor CAD/CAM, Composite Material... View Profile

Dr Chinmaya Sahu

Assistant Professor Kinematic and Dynamic analysis of Humanoid Robots,... View Profile

Dr Gangatharan C

Assistant Professor Marketing Analytics; Organization Theory... View Profile

Dr Nataraj G

Assistant Professor Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative Fuels, Ex... View Profile

Dr Sreethul Das

Assistant Professor Manufacturing process, Machining, Non Traditional ... View Profile