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Dr Raju Rln

Professor Comparative Studies and Translation... View Profile

Dr Sundaram N Natarajan

Professor Finance and Marketing... View Profile

Dr Ajanta Sircar

Professor Literary Theory, Film theory... View Profile

Dr Velmurugan Gopalsamy

Professor Taxation... View Profile

Dr Selvam Veeran

Professor Teaching all accounts subjects and Research Micro ... View Profile

Dr Selvakumar D S

Professor Accounting and Finance... View Profile

Dr Chithra G K

Associate Professor Communication Skills, English Language and Linguis... View Profile

Dr Dunstan Rajkumar Athisayam

Associate Professor Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Organisational... View Profile

Dr Prabakar Soubramanian

Associate Professor Sociology of Health, Sociology of Development and ... View Profile

Dr Sarika Gupta

Associate Professor Indian Literature, Women's Writing... View Profile

Dr Anitha Devi Varadan

Associate Professor CALL, ELT, ICT, Literature ... View Profile

Dr Jayalakshmi K Kayarthaya

Associate Professor Translation, comparative literature, and Functiona... View Profile

Dr Soumen Mukherjee

Associate Professor Primary research interests are in English Language... View Profile

Dr Laxmi Dhar Dwivedi Dwivedi

Associate Professor American Literature... View Profile

Dr Karthikeyan J

Associate Professor English Language Teaching, ICT, Mobile Learning, T... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneswari Vijayaraj

Associate Professor Ecofeminism, Ecocriticism, Post Colonial Literatur... View Profile

Dr Mohamed Sahul Hameed M A

Associate Professor William Shakespeare... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan R

Associate Professor English Language Teaching... View Profile

Dr Vishnu Priya N S

Assistant Professor Published 42 research articles. Produced 1 Ph.D. G... View Profile

Dr Christopher G

Assistant Professor English Language and Literature and English Langua... View Profile

Dr Saravana Bhavan Nallusamy

Assistant Professor Marketing, E-Commerce... View Profile

Dr Bhuvaneswari M

Assistant Professor Counseling and Guidance, Organizational psychology... View Profile

Dr Navin Kumar

Assistant Professor SocialPsychology... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar M

Assistant Professor Specialised in Diaspora Studies which includes Pos... View Profile

Dr Anu Baisel

Assistant Professor American Indian Literature, African Literature, In... View Profile

Dr Rukmini S

Assistant Professor Postcolonial literature, Indian writing in English... View Profile

Dr Usha S

Assistant Professor General Management and Legal Studies (Biodiversity... View Profile

Dr Prajeesh Tomy

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching; Literary theory and Cri... View Profile

Mr Senguttuvan m

Assistant Professor Language; American Literature; Communicative Engli... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Moolampalli

Assistant Professor Science and Technology studies, Organizational stu... View Profile

Dr J Balamurugan

Assistant Professor Sociology of Health, Sociology of Ageing, Sociolog... View Profile

Dr Maria Sebastin

Assistant Professor Humanities, Multidisciplinary... View Profile

Dr Sangeeta Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Applied Linguistics Indian English Literature Comm... View Profile

Dr Meenakshi S Sivakaminathan

Assistant Professor ESL, Comparative Literature, ETC... View Profile

Dr Thenmozhi M

Assistant Professor English Language and Linguistics... View Profile

Mr Anburaj G Ganapathy

Assistant Professor Language and Linguistics... View Profile

Mrs Nilavathy Kutty

Assistant Professor Transportation Economics... View Profile

Dr Mani Padmanabhan

Assistant Professor Automatic Testing, Software Design, UML-based test... View Profile

Mr Christopher Rajasekaran w

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching and Use of Digital Tools... View Profile

Dr Sankar G

Assistant Professor Indian Writing in English and English language Tea... View Profile

Dr Yadamala Sreenivasulu

Assistant Professor Language and Linguistics, Literary Theory and Crit... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Velayudham

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching ... View Profile

Dr Tony P Jose Jose

Assistant Professor Applied Psychology and Educational Psychology... View Profile

Ms Vijayashree Jayaraman

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Lear... View Profile

Dr Nagarajan N S

Assistant Professor Health Economics, Labour Economics and Industrial ... View Profile

Ms Nisha Prameela Viswan

Assistant Professor German literature... View Profile

Dr Sunitha Venugopal

Assistant Professor Indian Writing in English... View Profile

Dr Prasantha Kumar N S

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching... View Profile

Dr Bangalore Morarji

Assistant Professor History, Education, Social issues and Southeast As... View Profile

Dr Meenu B

Assistant Professor Monster Studies, Cultural Studies, Early Indian No... View Profile

Dr Senthil M K Babu

Assistant Professor Academic language acquisition, super-linguistics i... View Profile

Mr Sriram Govindarajan

Assistant Professor Econometrics and Game Theory... View Profile

Dr Sreejith Varma R

Assistant Professor Ecocriticism... View Profile

Dr Muthumeenakshi M

Assistant Professor Finance and Stock Market, Mathematical Application... View Profile

Dr Evangeline Priscilla Baghavandoss

Assistant Professor Extensive knowledge of Language and Literature.... View Profile

Dr Anil Premraj Jammala

Assistant Professor American Literature in PG and did research on Amer... View Profile

Mr Blessing Calvin G S

Assistant Professor Positive Psychology ... View Profile

Ms Arati Kumari

Assistant Professor German Language, Literature, Theater, Performance ... View Profile

Ms Khana Baidya

Assistant Professor Cultural Studies... View Profile

Dr Nageswari Raja

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching ... View Profile

Dr Saroja Ganapathy

Assistant Professor Literature and Music, ethnography of musical tradi... View Profile

Dr Gayathri N Janakiram

Assistant Professor Emotional Intelligence ... View Profile

Dr Calaivanane Rajamanickam

Assistant Professor Francophone Literature and French Language Teachin... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Subramani

Assistant Professor Labour Economics and Agriculture Economics... View Profile

Dr Mohd Saqib

Assistant Professor Classical and Modern Arabic Prose and Poetry, Arab... View Profile

Ms Preetha Ravichandran

Assistant Professor Feminist studies in Indian English Literature... View Profile

Dr Meera B

Assistant Professor Travel Writing, Postcolonial Writing, Disaster Fic... View Profile

Dr Alli Pandiyathuray

Assistant Professor Irrigation, cost of cultivation and rural developm... View Profile

Dr Sushant Kishore

Assistant Professor South Asian Studies, South Asian Literature Cultur... View Profile

Dr Sneha Mishra

Assistant Professor Multilingualism, Sound symbolism, Endangered Langu... View Profile

Mr Sudheer C V Chorath

Assistant Professor Carnatic Musician and music Composer ... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Sushant

Assistant Professor Spanish and Latin American Studies... View Profile

Dr Gandhimathi S N S

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching especially designing tea... View Profile

Mrs Malathy Oumagandan

Assistant Professor French Language and Literature... View Profile

Dr Parvathy Das

Assistant Professor Life Writing, Philosophy of Self... View Profile

Mrs Antoinette Daniel

Assistant Professor French Translation and Interpretation, Francophone... View Profile

Dr Kubendran A Ayyavoo

Assistant Professor Social Issues, feminist studies, rural development... View Profile

Dr Geetha R

Assistant Professor Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurshi... View Profile

Dr Vijayaraj Krishnaraj

Assistant Professor Marketing, International Business and Human Resour... View Profile

Dr Coumaran G

Assistant Professor teaching French as a foreign language, Research do... View Profile

Dr Shantanu Shandilya

Assistant Professor French and Francophone Literature... View Profile

Dr Mathumathy S

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching, Tribal Studies and Tran... View Profile

Dr Varsha Krishnankutty

Assistant Professor Comparative Literature, Women Studies... View Profile

Mr Dhananjay Kumar

Assistant Professor Intercultural Studies... View Profile

Dr Saraswathy Selvarajan

Assistant Professor A humble and simple person who is passionate about... View Profile

Ms Dwija Kannan

Assistant Professor Translation and gender stuides ... View Profile

Prof Jacopo Mosesso

Assistant Professor Modern Greek Philology; Audiovisual Translation... View Profile

Dr Manali Karmakar

Assistant Professor Manali Karmakar is Assistant Professor in English ... View Profile