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Dr Subaji Mohan

Professor Distributed Systems, Management Information System... View Profile

Dr Jose S

Professor handling E waste Management, Education management,... View Profile

Dr Vasumathi Arumugam

Professor Operations Research, Human Resource Management and... View Profile

Dr Samuel Rajkumar Vimal Singh

Professor Marketing, Branding, Employer Branding, and Instit... View Profile

Dr Ashok Doraiswamy

Professor General Management, Marketing and entrepreneurship... View Profile

Dr Indra Devi R

Professor Human Resource Management... View Profile

Dr Sakthi Sriniasan K

Professor Economics and research Financial Economics ... View Profile

Dr Syed Khalid Perwez

Professor Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Managemen... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar Alur

Professor Marketing in various sectors like agribusiness, so... View Profile

Dr Stephan Thangaiah I S

Professor Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Production ... View Profile

Dr Susan Chirayath

Professor Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Manage... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Mamilla

Associate Professor Corporate Finance and Investment analysis. Guiding... View Profile

Dr Sundara Rajan C Rajasekaran

Associate Professor Specialized in Markeitng and Sales. Actively invol... View Profile

Dr Sathish Arumbi Saravanan

Associate Professor retailing, services marketing, branding, customer ... View Profile

Dr Swamy Tnvrl

Associate Professor Business Laws, Human Resource Mamagement, Corporat... View Profile

Dr Selvaraj Joseph Jeya Anand

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade Supply Chain Management, Risks and Green... View Profile

Dr Chinnadurai Kathiravan

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Behavioral Finance, Climate Finance, Energy Econom... View Profile


Assistant Professor Behavioral Finance, Corporate Finance and Neuro Fi... View Profile

Mr Anil Verma

Assistant Professor Marketing Management; Business Research Management... View Profile

Dr Prabu Christopher B

Assistant Professor Cross Cultural Management, Corporate Governance, I... View Profile

Mr Manoharan Murugesan

Assistant Professor Asset Pricing, Banking and Financial Markets... View Profile