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Dr Kalaichelvan Gurumurthy

Professor Environmental Biotechnology, Agricultural Microbio... View Profile

Dr Arunachalam Sathiavelu

Professor Agriculture Microbiology, Mushroom cultivation and... View Profile

Dr Paramasamy Gunasekaran

Pro Vice-Chancellor Microbiogy, Genomics, Metagenomics... View Profile

Dr Paul Mansingh Jeyabalasingh

Associate Professor Diffusion and adoption of innovations, ICT in Agri... View Profile

Dr Immanuel Selvaraj C

Associate Professor DNA Fingerprinting, and Medicinal plants, phytoche... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Sivarajan

Associate Professor Remote sensing and Geographical information system... View Profile

Dr Arabi Mohammed Saleh

Associate Professor Microbiology... View Profile

Dr Deepa Sankar Parasurama

Associate Professor Plant tissue culture and Molecular Biology... View Profile

Dr Lincy Kirubhadharsini B

Assistant Professor Biological control, Integrated Pest Management... View Profile

Dr Padma Lakshmi G

Assistant Professor Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Poli... View Profile

Dr Sowbiya Muneer

Assistant Professor Precision horticulture and Plant molecular physiol... View Profile

Dr Vidya Radhakrishnan

Assistant Professor Environmental Biotechnology, Nanobiotechnology, ... View Profile

Ms Biswajita Mohanty

Assistant Professor Hyperspectral Remote sensing, Remote sensing and ... View Profile

Dr Saiyyeda Firdous

Assistant Professor Soil plant water relation, nutrient dyanemics, soi... View Profile

Dr Karthika Rajendran

Assistant Professor Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant physiology, Pla... View Profile

Dr Priyadharshini Bhupathi

Assistant Professor Mushroom Biotechnology, Dept. of Plant Pathology... View Profile

Dr Sonai Rajan Thangaraj

Assistant Professor Agricultural Entomology, (Molecular genetics of in... View Profile

Dr Annie Jenifer M

Assistant Professor Groundwater management... View Profile

Dr Parthasarathi Theivasigamani

Assistant Professor Crop Physiology... View Profile

Dr Cuba P

Assistant Professor Agricultural Meteorology, Climate change predictio... View Profile

Dr Jagan Mohan Obbineni

Assistant Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Structural Bio... View Profile

Dr Anbarasan O Palanisamy

Assistant Professor Agricultural extension and Communication... View Profile

Mrs Chitra Kalaichelvan

Assistant Professor Food product development with special focus on nut... View Profile

Dr Nisha A

Assistant Professor Management of livestock, poultry and Laboratory an... View Profile

Dr Sajan George

Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology, Biotechnology... View Profile

Dr Sri Devi R

Assistant Professor Seed science and technology... View Profile